Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Friday, July 21, 2017

VDO : 【Exclusive Broadcast】Park Si Hoo Drama Festival [Fukuoka Performance Edition] on Ginga Channel



Published on Jul 20, 2017

★ If you see "Park Si Hoo" on your tablet anywhere in the house!


"Park Si Hoo starring drama festival! Great Thanksgiving Tour "
(exclusive fastest broadcasting)

【Fukuoka Performance】 

8/12 (Sat) night 8: 30 ~, 
8/25 (Friday) 1: 00 ~ late night, 
8/27 (Sunday) 8: 30 ~

【5 Performances Summary】 

9/10 (Sun) Midnight 0: 00 ~, 
9/23 (Sat) Night 6: 00 ~, 
9/24 (Sunday) Night 11: 00 ~

「王女の男」「清潭洞<チョンダムドン>アリス」「名もなき英雄<ヒーロー>」など、数々の話題作でアジアを中心に人気を博している韓流スター パク・シフ。「パク・シフ主演ドラマ・フェス!大感謝祭ツアー」と題し、全国5公演ごとに違ったテーマを掲げて実施された最新ファンミーティングを独占最速放送!チャンネル銀河の放送でしか見られない貴重な映像も!

Hallyu Star Park Shih that is popular mainly in Asia, such as "Princess' s Man", 
"Cheongdam-dong <Cheongdam-dong> Alice" "Unnamed Hero <Hero" "The big drama · festival starring Park Si Hoo! Big tribute festival" entitled "The Greatest Thanksgiving 
Tour", the fastest broadcasting monopoly of the latest fan meeting implemented with 
different themes every 5 performances nationwide! Valuable images that can only be seen 
in the channel galaxy broadcasting!

◆チャンネル銀河 歴史ドラマ・サスペンス・日本のうた◆

◆ Channel Galaxy History Drama · Suspense · Japanese Song ◆
Others such as NHK Okawa "Heikomori", China "Takefurian Ten", "Hiden Den", 
Korean "Customers" "Ho Jun", etc. From the history drama of Japan, China and Korea, "Matsumoto Seijirushi Suspense", "Pinkarton Detective Company in the Wilderness" 
Even full-fledged suspense and NHK's gorgeous popular song program, full of adult 
generation programs!

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Credit : チャンネル銀河 : Galaxy Channel, thank you!

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