Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Updated ENISHI magazine season 5 Vol. 3 will be released on July 31

We all knew about it but they just gave us a bigger size image yesterday!

Yes! Have to post it again for our collection!^^

Joining Si Hoo and ENISHI fans 

The original magazine " ENISHI ~ Edge ~" we will spend memories together .
Four books a year, reaching your home once every three months, 
the whole magazine Park Si Hoo!

Thanks to the 5th anniversary, "ENISHI ~ Edge ~ 2017" No. 1 and 2 are on sale well!
Series latest issue (VOL.3) will be released on Friday, July 31!

The third issue is a special feature 
"Park Si Hoo starring Drama Festival! Great Thanksgiving Tour" held in June!
Starting with the Fukuoka performance on June 9, 
five performances over Osaka, Tokyo and each city,
Mr. Si Hoo entertained fans with different production each time with the main work as a motif.

The secret episode - 
Talk at the time from the name scene chosen by fans, 
the reproduction drama of the chest cum again
And breathtakingly brilliant action & show off to the best sword dance!

For fans who love drama, a complete report with photos full of unbearable best moments!
And, such as the appearance of Kim Seung Yu & Dark Seung Yu of " The Princess' s Man" 
that can only be seen here,
ENISH's shooting photos full of photos as well!

further! In the corner of "SIHOO`S ROOM" which Si Hoo himself shoots and produces, 
it is a stunning figure in Japanese stay & behind the scenes, 
the latest treasure photos of the drama whose shooting started in July also released at once!

A photograph that can only be seen here, 
a book of enchantments full of plenty of information that can only be heard here!
Now, when you order, we will deliver the 1st and 2nd albums together as a set of 3 books!
Chapter 1 is to issue a special DVD with!

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