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Jewel of S.Korea

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

My Golden Life : Today Park Si Hoo will eventually meet other main actors and Script reading will be this weekend

Daily sports original article  2017-07-04 

Translated by Google

KBS 4 new main characters will have their first meeting today (July 4th). 

A drama official said, "Park Sihoo, Shin Hye Sun, Lee Tae-hwan and Seo Eun-su, 
who are major cast members of KBS 2TV new weekly drama 'My Golden Life', 
will meet for the first time in Seoul today and the whole script reading 
including them will be on July 7 " 

Park Sihoo plays Choi Do - Kyung, the son of the president of the group, and the chief of
the group strategic planning department. After graduating from the MBA in the United States, 
he is a chaebol he returned to familiarize himself with the family business and is going
through an informal apprenticeship as the successor who will become the company’s
next leader. He is a gentle man who an admirable physical and sophisticated elegance. 
He was born with noble dignity and ability from birth. 

Shin Hye-sun plays the contracting staff of Haesung Group marketing department. 
If you do not, she likes to exercise in the game, and she has a playful personality. 
She lived a princess-like life until her first year in high school when her father’s company
went bankrupt. In front of the full-time employee contract, she is living a life
of "vigorous mode" in which she must put on a brave face, enduring unjust criticism,
to achieve the coveted status of a permanent employee.

Lee Tae-hwan is a high school friend of Shin Hye-sun and works as an industrial design student 
and a student who is out of school. currently on leave in order to concentrate
 on running his startup, an internet mall selling DIY furniture for singles.
He’s an energetic and brave individual who has very particular likes and dislikes.

Seo Eun-su plays Seo Ji-soo, twin sister of Shin Hye-sun. 
She is a graduate of a college and works only part-time job.
She work slate into bread and work in Alba.
There is a bad appetite to put a spoon when a boat is called,
 but it does not get fat. A character with a secret of birth. 

'My golden life' is a drama in which a woman who greets the opportunity to raise her status 
as a goldsmith falls into hell and finds happiness in it. She paints the pain and loneliness of 
the men who have lived in the name of the innkeeper through her father ' 

"My father is strange," followed by the coming broadcast in August. 

Credit : Gimjinseok reporters , thank you!

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