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Thursday, July 13, 2017

【Interview】 Exclusive broadcasting interview of Park Si Hoo’s latest fan meeting!

Special interview with Park Si Hoo

"The Princess of man" , "Cheongdam Dong Alice" , "Nameless hero " and the like, 
many of the topics in which Korean stars popular in Asia in the work Park Si Hoo . 
At Galazy channel, he monopolized the pattern of his latest fan meeting
 "Park Si Hoo starring Drama · Fes! Great Thanksgiving Tour" 
That held in Fukuoka, Osaka, Tokyo ! In commemoration of this, 
we will deliver a special interview with Park Si Hoo

PSH : I wouldn't be here now without my fans!

1Q - We think that the content of this fan meeting is very fulfilling, 
but what kind of feelings did you plan to do? 

A : This event was special to me. Unlike general fan meetings, the project "Drama · Fes" 
was fresh, and it was good that I went to the places where the dramas were on 
which I appear and went on to promote and I was able to meet my fans directly. 
Because of that, I was expecting personally very much, I could not suppress 
my heart's excitement, I also participated in various parts of the composition. 

2Q - By saying "Drama · festival", it appeared to be the role of the appearing work 
in each performance.  Can you name the most impressive characters 
or dialogs among the roles you have played so far? 

A : In the work of this time is also the only historical drama, too. The princess' s man" 
remains deeply impression. There was also a happening that I practiced specially 
for this production and was injured. If I had to mention only one scene, 
It's originally the one I used wooden swords and bamboo swords 
when practicing swordsmanship, but when practicing in Seoul, 
I practiced substituting umbrella for various circumstances.

 For that reason, I cut my hand with the part of the umbrella's handle 
and developed to a situation where I get treatment at a hospital. 
What disappointing me is that I should have practiced more 
if anything to regret that will be I could not do anything during treatment. 

Besides, on the day of the event, I was actually preparing a sword with weight close 
to the genuine one. But I did not use such a sword even in the drama scene, 
it was heavy and it was very difficult. So, we had a bamboo sword in a hurry, 
so the rehearsal time for Tokyo performance took longer, 
and I was delay to say hello to my fans. 

In that moment, with the theme of " The princess' man" 
But all that came across my mind was I wanted to ask my fans... 
"I was deliberately late, there're still any joy left when we will meet?"

In the Fukuoka performance edition appeared in the costume of "Princess' Man"

3Q - Although it seems to be at fan meetings up to now, Mr. 
Si Hoo who is treating every fans is conveyed. 
If you can such a thing for your precious fans, 
what kind of thing would you like to do? 

A : Yes, truly! My fans are very important to me.  I wouldn't be here without my fans. 
What I care the most is to work hard to communicate with all my fans. 
Therefore, even in an interview etc., I will not ask for advance question interview, 
so I won't see the content of the question on purpose before hand. 
Rather than preparing "the answer" in advance, I want to deliver my answers 
of the truth to everyone at that time. Speaking of what I can do for my fans, 
I think that it is a matter of shortening the distance between me and them 
a little bit this way, and I want to show you just the way I am. 

4Q - You are so active not only in drama but also in the field of movies and music, 
but what kind of activities is the most enjoyable? 

A : Everything is fun! Singing I'm not very good at it, but seems my fans are having fun, 
so I am enjoy it too. However, I still want to act as an actor and I would like to do a movie again. Recently, I heard that the movie "Confession of Murder" was remade in Japan
 and it is open to the public. (* "Confession of 22 years - I am a murderer -")
 I definitely want to go to Japan and see the movie. Go to the theater ... (laugh). eh? 
Because it will be in Japanese, I can't understand? 
I want to invite someone who speaks Japanese and want to go to see it (with me). 

5Q - What is the place you want to visit in Japan?
 Or wherever you have been that impressed you so far? 

A : After the Osaka performance finished, I had a little time and went to 
Arima Onsen for 2 days and 1 night. I've been traveling around
 hot springs all over Japan, but (Arima) I really like it to be my best.
 It was such a wonderful place that I could have had a happy healing time. 

Arima Onsen

6Q - Finally please tell us about your next work. 

A : I am so delight to be able to greet everyone through this weekend drama on
the terrestrial wave after a long absence. "My golden life (tentative title)" is a work 
of the script writer, So Hyun Gyeong who I admire, so it is more emotional for me. 
I would like to see the happiness at the end of this twists and turns, I think  
it will be a drama to think about its meaning. Around the end of July 
we will start the shooting in full swing. It is a work that also includes a love story
that fans can expect. I would like to show you a wonderful scene etc. 
that will remain impressive for everyone. 
Please stay tuned. I will prepare it very hard from now on.

★ "Park Si Hooh starring Drama · Fes! Great Thanksgiving Tour" 

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