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Friday, June 16, 2017

News : Park Si Hoo, Shin Hye Sun, Lee Tae Hwan, 'My Golden Life's protagonists

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[Sole] Park Si Hoo, Shin Hye Sun, Lee Tae Hwan, ' My Golden Life's  protagonists

[Daily Sports Kim Jin Seok]

The outline of the main character to appear on KBS 2TV new weekend was revealed. 

A drama official said, "Park Sihoo, Shin Hye Sun and Lee Tae-hwan 
will appear on KBS 2TV's new weekend ' My Golden Life' on Sunday. 

Park Sihoo plays Choi Do Kyung, the only son of the president of the group and the director of
 the group strategic planning department. After graduating from the MBA in the United States, 
he is a chaebol who is working to become a group leader as planned from the beginning. 
He is a gentle man to an admirable physical and sophisticated elegance. 
He was born with noble dignity and ability from birth. 

Shin Hye Sun plays the contracting staff of Haesung Group marketing department. 
If you don't know, she likes to exercise with a fighting spirit, and have a pleasant personality
 and a playful personality. She had a good live from first grade till high school, 
but her father 's bankruptcy ruined their family. He is living a life of "vigorous mode" 
in which he has to smile with a smile mixed with ridicule 
ahead of a full-time employee contract. 

Lee Tae Hwan is Shin Hye Sun's high school friend and industrial design student. 
Single-person furniture DIY Representative of shopping mall for interior. 
He is bright and lively. And he has a strong style with a rough corner. 

'My Golden life ' is a drama where a woman who greets the opportunity to raise her status 
as a goldsmith falls into hell and finds happiness in it. She paints the pain and loneliness 
of the men who have lived in the name of the innkeeper through her father ' 

Kim Hyung Suk PD, who directed 'Oh My Venus', 
written by Hyun Kyung So, who wrote 'The Brilliant Legacy', 
'Inspector Princess', 'My Daughter Seo Young' and 'Twenty Years Old' 

Drama will follow 'My father is strange,' by this coming August broadcast. 

Gimjinseok reporters 

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