Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Monday, June 12, 2017

News : Park Si Hoo comes back to TV weekend. "Fans are welcome"

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YTN article on 2017-06-12

Actor Park Sihoo's news of the returning to TV wave has become known 
and it has received so much attention. 

An official of KBS drama station said on June 5 that, 
"Park Sihoo will appear on KBS 2TV new weekend 'My golden life'" 

Park Sihoo's agency said, 
"Park Sihoo is being offered a KBS weekend drama
'My Life in Golden' and is discussing positively." 

Park Sihoo is scheduled to star in the KBS New Weekend drama 'My Golden Life', 
which will show how a woman can find a way to happiness who has fallen to hell 
and got the opportunity to raise her status with golden spoon. 
'Hyun Kyung Soo and Kim Hyong-seok of' You Rolled in the Vine ' 
had coincided with each other. 

If Park Sihoo returns to the drama, he will appear on TV after five years 
since SBS 'Cheongdam-dong Alice' broadcast in December 2012. 

There are some concerns about Park Sihoo's comeback, but many fans of Park Sihoo 
who have long awaited are expecting a successful return, saying, 
"I waited for Park Sihoo's drama," "I want to see cool performances quickly," 
and "It will be a successful comeback." 

On the other hand, Park Sihoo has held a 'DRAMATIC Promotion' to repay 
the 'Unnamed Hero - Hero' frenzy in Japan, 
and will visit fans in Tokyo on November 11(Actually 15),
 starting with Fukuoka on November 9.

Credit : YTN, thank you!

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