Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

JOFC : Now, Park Si Hoo's whirlwind is rolling all over Japan!

This news posted at JOFC
Similar to other news but give you more details about 
Park Si Hoo's activities on stage at Drama Festival Tour in Fukuoka and Osaka

Park Si Hoo, "Drama · Festival Great Thanksgiving Day Tour 2017 "
Fukuoka, Osaka performance great success!

Now, Park Si Hoo's whirlwind is rolling all over Japan!

The actor Park Si Hoo starts the latest work "Nameless Hero " being broadcast in Japan,
I will interact with Japanese fans while looking back on the main popular drama so far
"Main drama · Festival big thanksgiving tour" is being held.

On June 9 this time of Thanksgiving tour event was launched 
 starting with the Fukuoka performances of the day.

Two days later on June 11 in Osaka of 2 times / day performances also a big success, 
come June 15 there is a growing expectation to Tokyo performances.

In the event held at Fukuoka Symphony Hall on the 9th , he became a "princess' s man"
Show off Korean traditional costume "Hanbok". 

On 11 In the daytime performances of the day, this year 2 starting with the TV Osaka of May,
Current topic work currently being broadcasted through terrestrial, BS and CS 
in various places "Nameless Hero"Become a hero and talk with fans, 
and in evening performances they become active heroes as in the play,
He's amusing fans with different directing every time.

Furthermore, in Fukuoka and Osaka, he took part in the local planning etc. 
and touched the fans around the audience seats,

On the stage he played the piano with a sweet singing voice that took the audience's heart,
And at the end he was keen to spare time for good bye, 
high touching with each one of the participants.

With the charm of a hero statue in the drama and a refreshing true face smiling in front of you, 
he was completely attracted to the fans who visited the venue.

Last year in October since the concert in Odaiba, there is no an official event held 
in eight month this is the first time in Japan,
Even at Fukuoka airport when he came to Japan, fans also got into Shin - Osaka station
 to which he moved, and welcomed his arrival.

A person concerned with the office belonging to Park Si Hoo, 
" He really appreciate everyone who welcomes him at the airport and the station, 
not to mention the performance venue.
Please please look forward to future activities. "

"Park Si Hoo starring Drama · Fes! Great Thanksgiving Tour" Tokyo performance,
It will be held at Tokyo Dome City Hall on 15th .

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