Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

JOFC : Park Si Hoo welcomes project ideas for his Drama Festival Tour # 1

This is the request from JOFC 
For the idea of fun with Park Si Hoo during this 3 cities event


This is Park Si Hoo Official Japan Fan Club secretariat.

Thank you for participating in fan club planning, everyone!

We prepared a fan club plan that will make you feel more comfortable 
until the day Park Si hoo will come here again!
The contents of the event will be made according to your opinion, 
so please join us!

Part 1
★ Fukuoka only! 

How did you meet Park Si Hoo? ★
Please tell us the work that you met Park Si Hoo!
Please tell me when you met and what kind of place was attracted you!

Please write how to encounter with Mr. Park Si Hoo here!  
Aggregate your episode will be announced on the day of the event!
And who will get Park Si Hoo directly among those who wrote the content?
 Hundreds!  What will happen!
Please looking forward to it!

Part 2
★ Osaka only!

 Looking for your troubles! ★
Your hero will solve your problem!

Those who have been selected by lottery among your troubles,
On the day of the event, our town hero will solve it! Please do apply!

<How to apply>

Please apply to the following e-mail address with the title of "problem consultation" .
Write your worries and your nickname. Please send by May 15!

Part 3
★ Tokyo only! 

Lawyer vs CEO 

Which one do you want to be in love with? ★
Would you like to be in love with either?
Please choose either lawyer Seo or CEO Sungjyo! Please also write the reasons!

Please write the person you want to associate with this thread! It is!  
We will announce your opinion on the day of the event!
And according to the result! It is! Something will happen! It is!
What is the confrontation between So · dog and Seung Jo? 
 On the day of the event, please look forward to it!

Part 4
★ Tokyo only!

 Which one would you like to be helped with, Dark Seung Yoo or shadow hero? ★
Who would you like to be protected from ?
Hero Si Yoon from UnnamedHero or Dark Seung Yoo from The Princess' Man 

Please tell us when you want to be protected, 
who you want to be protected!

Example : When I am home late, I am afraid to walk in the streets,
 so Si Yoon can always watch over you.
It may be safe just by looking at the logo of that hat occasionally.

Write a person who you wants to be protected, wanted to be helped here!  
We will announce your opinion on the day of the event!
 It will be Dark Seung Yoo! Or Shadow hero Si Yoon! 
He will come to help everyone! 

Part 5

★ That scene! That line can be revived! 
Need a questionnaire! ★

· " The Princess'  Man", 
" Nameless Hero", 
"Prosecutor Princess", 
" Cheongdam-dong Alice"

① Please tell us the "scenes that thrilled",
 ② "scenes that moved,"
 ③ "your favorite lines", 
④ "favorite clothes"!

Based on your questionnaire , 
We will decide the BEST three and announce it on the day of the event! 

Please apply!

<How to apply>

Please enter the title "Best 3 " for the e-mail address below.

① "A throbbing scene"
② "Impressed scene"
③ "Your favorite line"
④ Favorite outfit " and reason,

Please send it by May 15!
With your nickname in it, 


Let 's make the event more exciting together 
until Park Si Hoo comes to Japan, everyone!

Credit : JOFC, thank you!

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