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Jewel of S.Korea

Monday, May 22, 2017

ENISHI : I want to finish " The Villa "

Hi, everyone!

Last week too busy with work and my research about " The three adorable dolls " 

No time to post about his interview, sorry! 😥

~ The Interview ~

Looking back on activities in 2016 ... 
It is the most impressive and remembered that I appeared in the drama 
after a long absence. 
I was happy to work for drama " Local Hero " without hesitation. 
I hope to deliver a wonderful work to everyone this year. Please wait for a while.

The schedule for the activity in 2017. Actually there is a work we are considering now, 
but to speak concretely, it is a slightly ambiguous stage. Once I decide concretely, 
I will tell my fans first of all!

Actually, I have a characteristic that I can not sleep well. After sleeping for about 4 hours, 
I will wake up again. As long as I got to sleep for 5 hours, I feel like I really slept well. 
Therefore I always endure not sleeping until midnight. When I sleep at about 12 o'clock, 
I woke up early in the morning and I feel tired all day. So while watching movies etc, 
I sit up late at night. As such as myself who primary purpose of traveling is to seek "healing" 
after all. I wonder how I can sleep soundly, because it is the most important thing. 
When going to the district and doing it slowly in the wilderness When you have a good mood 
after all it's going to be insomnia awful, you may want to suddenly go somewhere (laugh).

Recently I went to Sokcho in Gangwon Province in December. I went with my acquaintance 
older brother and stayed at a pension in the mountains. Nature is rich and quiet, 
I slept very well. Sleeping slowly in a nice place, even when I woke up in the morning, 
it was very refreshing. After all it may be that I want to sleep (laugh)  People who can sleep 
a lot are enviously envious. I think that I am very happy. There is something useful, 
although it is okay, even if you do not sleep so much. In drama shooting etc, the constitution
 that does not sleep like me is perfect. Even taking a picture overnight in a few days, 
it does not make me as bad as other people ... (lol.)


As a matter of fact, sleeping at Buyeo's ancestral house is really great! Even though first, 
I'm waiting for more expectation all the time, but I myself will soon complete it as soon as 
it is completed, as soon as I fall asleep, my head will hurt. I want to make it complete, 
but there are various problems, the problem started exhausted that It's not complete yet.  
Thinking of the villa (Boat house) which is interrupting work a lot now, and also stress. .. (lol) 
Still I want to finish it very soon and I would like to introduce it to all my ENISHI readers 

This year, the only one thing ... I want to complete is " The Villa " 
Then I can show it off to everyone (laugh)

Credit : ENISHI Magazine, thank you!


  1. Thank you for sharing this! It means a lot! Sihoo always so gorgeous, I can see he's a super active man, doesn't like sleeping that much! wanting to finish he's very interesting boat house. I'm looking forward to watch him back in a very good tv or film production.

    1. My pleasure, dear! I know if it meant a lot to me, it means a lot to every fans as well! Yes, I'm waiting for that confirmation news too!
      One reason I'm doing this just to prove all international fans that buying his ENISHI magazine isn't just look at his pictures
      but you can read what he wants to tell us as well.
      Google translation may not be perfect but it's still readable and it's really worth to have them.
      You can buy the other previous seasons at Amazon also!^^
      Link :

  2. Thanks for the translation, I'm always happy to read the news. Sihoo said, wait a little .... it will be a great pleasure when time comes. I'm very excited. I would like to him, put aside many problems, sleep well every night.
    I'm international fan from Hungary. It's a bit difficult for me to order of Amazon, but now I think I can. Thank you for the opportunity !

    1. He knows what fans are waiting for. It's important for fans to understand that he always listened to us!

      And I'm happy to deliver it to everyone here!^^

      You're very welcome about Amazon information. Not as hard as it sound if you can endure the shipping fee.