Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Saturday, April 22, 2017

ENISHI : Batman, Eggs, and so on... # 1

Hello everyone!

After came back home from Korea with 6 copies of ENISHI magazines and started looking through pictures and interviews. With Google translation I can understand what 
Park Si Hoo had told his fans through his interview.

His interview in ENISHI is more interesting and deeper about the man we love than any 
other news can combine. Japanese and Chinese fans are so lucky to be able to read it 
throughly without missing a word.

(So...the best way I recommend to you is " Buy it as your very own treasure^^ ")

However I need to remind you this isn't word by word translation from the magazine. 
Some parts I have to skip if it's too hard or not clear what he said!

And with a little time I have, I can do this just once a week
as my last post of the week for you. 
Then see you again on Tuesday, everyone!

Okay, let's start!^^

The interview from ENISHI 

Q : What were you doing?

PSH : I was watching a movie just before this interview. Because it was broadcasting 
Batman's the dark knight on TV ... ".

Q : What do you want to eat the most right now?

PSH : What shall we eat tonight? I'm on a diet recently, so I try not to take carbohydrates completely. That's why I mainly eat meat. Ah! I should go to Hongo to eat ... (laugh).

Q : Where do you want to go ?

PSH : After this interview, I wonder if I will watch another movie. Even though 
it's a weekend, I still feel lonely ... (laugh). Thank you very much. Next time please

Q : What was the most delicious thing you ate recently?

PSH : Sukiyaki ? I ate in Cheongdam-dong. And on this magazine in SIH00'S ROOM 
photos will introduce you pictures of me in Hongon (Gangie)! I eat really with meat 
(pork & kimchi)!

" Pork & Kimchi PSH mentioned "

Q : What's your favorite thing  you just bought recently?

PSH: I do not mean there is no .... I often buy practical things than clothes. I like to buy appliances (laugh). Ahhh! I bought a humidifier recently 0h I like it very much, 
so I like it (lol). Very satisfied.

Q : Speaking of your favorite mobile app recently?

PSH : Recent favorites? It is called "papago" It's an translation app. 
It translates very quickly and accurately. All English, Chinese, Japanese are translated 
for the second.The translation level is high, and the speech recognition level is 
very accurate. It's easy and will recognize anything you speak immediately. 
When I go to Japan or China next time,
I definitely wonder if I can try various things.

Q : When you feel tired, how to cope when you catch a cold, speaking of your health rules?

PSH : There is no special countermeasure. But I will stay at home. 
if I think I have caught a cold. Slice a lemon at home and drink it .... In the meantime 
I think that it is best to take a good rest while watching movies etc. in the bedroom.

Q : What is always in the refrigerator?

PSH : In the refrigerator ... (thinking) ... Opening the refrigerator ... (imagining)
Egg! Hard Boiled egg I love eggs. It looks good when you are hungry! 
It is also good as a diet food. I also eat and taste the boiled egg's yolk very often. 
Then canned chicken breasts soup is also a good item in the refrigerator. .

Q : What are in your bag when you go out?

PSH : Whenever and wherever I am, I will prepare to go to Sport center so somethings 
such as sports equipment whenever I feel like I want to go. I also have bathing suits 
and shower sets.

Q : Do you have pretty good oral habits?

PSH : If you don't have a good habit at this age, you will certainly not be able to
 fix it again (laugh). I do not quite understand myself, but maybe all my fans know
 better than me (lol). Ha ha ha ... 

When I don't have business to do, I will take a good rest at home or I will go out somewhere 
when I think I need to get some fresh air. However, when I go out, it is always in local area. 
It will be a place full of nature. Enjoying a nice scenery, the air blowing in the wind, 
having delicious pizza and so on....

Q : What kind of first dream did you have after New Year 2017? 

PSH :  Because it was my first dream ... Well, honestly, I do not remember. 

Q : How did you spend your New Year's Holiday? 

PSH : New Year's Eve was on 31st December so I did count down at Sundek-chuku soup restaurant with Im director while eating Sundecook (lol) (It's pig intestine ) - - Surely Im director's also a single, isn't he? Yes. When I was eating, the age had ended, and it was unavoidable to count down with two single men ... (tears) Through this year 
I also want to meet with all my fans through my acting again!

To be continue next week....thank you!

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