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Jewel of S.Korea

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

PSH-Birthday 2017 : PARK SI HOO BIRTHDAY TOUR 2017

Annoucement from JOFC on 2017.02.07

Hello from fan club's secretary.

April, is a guide for "PARK SI HOO BIRTHDAY TOUR 2017".

Sihoo's birthday event was decided this year!

This time, "The Prince of the flower of the country," Park Si Hoo's April born next,

Princess to visit the "flower of the country," greets warmly (his fans)!

Once a year, to spend a special day that does not taste only in Sihoo's hometown together,

Let's celebrate prince Sihoo's birthday with everyone!

For more information on flight schedules 
and tour points will be announced on February 9 (Thursday).

※ This event is an event that PARK SIHOO JAPAN OFFICIAL FANCLUB is planning.


 Sihoo's theme "~ Prince Sihoo and his princesses Tachi of the flower of the country"

◆ Date: April 1 to 3, 2017 ※ events held date is The 2nd ( Sunday).

◆ Venue: South Korea Buyeo Lotte at Buyeo Resort


Park Si-hoo, the Prince of the "flower of the country".

Every year, to celebrate the Prince's birthday, 
a lot of princesses from all over the countries (the fans) are gathered!

In the "flower of the country", 
there is a custom of hero to celebrate the birthday must be treated to the guests,

Prince Sihoo, which has been busy preparing.

And this year, conducted a survey and trying to advance the birthday party 
while incorporating the opinion princess us!

Always support, in order to please the princess who we love, immediately begin to prepare!

<Special Benefits>

★ Japan official fan club members and "ENISHI2017" subscribers limited privilege!

Japan Official Fan Club member, to "ENISHI2017 (season5)" subscribers of this birthday tour

If participation you will get the original life photograph!

During the event you sign up, 
fan club members who are fan club number, "ENISHI2017" towards the subscribers is

Please specify your phone number when it is to apply the "ENISHI2017" in the memo field.

■ Reservation start dates

Application dedicated URL:

February 09 (Thursday) 15:00 ~ OPEN!

■ Application period

February 09, 2017 (Thursday) 15:00 -

As soon as it becomes capacity ※. It will end. Please note.

Contact Us

"PARK SI HOO BIRTHDAY TOUR 2017" engagement

TEL: 03-6380-3752 (weekdays 13: 00 ~ 17: 00) / FAX: 03-6380-3750

Mail-E: Psh.Tour2017attogmail.Com


Credit :, thank you!

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