Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Park Si Hoo is BIG in Japan!

Why Japan is so precious for Park Si Hoo?

Because they love him & they show their support directly to him in anyway possible!

How we know Park Si Hoo is a BIG DEAL over there!

Because news & Articles about him still appear 
and his Magazine just celebrated his fifth year anniversary!

His vote in Japan whenever they worked together can flip the outcome into his favor!
(With little help from us also^^)

Park Si Hoo Dramatic Valentine Event was republished in so many websites in Japan

And here's some of them!

Thanks for Japanese fans who had shared the links for us to see!

1. Kstyle : Park Sihoo, the latest movie starring for the first time in three years 
"Namonaki Hero <Hero" DVD release decision!

2. Mpost : Handshake meeting with Park Si Hoo also be determined! 
Held in "PARK SIHOO Dramatic Valentine 2017" February 4 (Saturday)!

3. The factJP : Park Sihoo, 
"PARK SIHOO Dramatic Valentine 2017" held on 2/4 (Saturday)!

4. Ameblo.JP : "Heroless name hero <Hero>" Present campaign!

Just Happy for him!

Credit : All Japanese websites as mention above, thank you!

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