Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

KOFICE Japan News : Park Si Hoo will hold " Dramatic Valentine 2017 " on 2/4 at Tokyo Dome City Hall

What's KOFICE Japan?

KOFICE comes from...

 " Korea Foundation for International Culture Exchange " 

Nothing we haven't heard before!

KOFICE just repeated this news again!

But it's still important to see them 
helped promoting Park Si Hoo's activities in Japan^^

From KOFICE's twitter

【KOFICE_JP 韓流ニュース】
パク・シフ主演ドラマ プロモーションイベント
「PARK SIHOO Dramatic Valentine 2017」2/4

Bing translation

[KOFICE_JP Korean News] 
Park Si Hoo's promoting his drama he will star in 2017 at 
"PARK SI HOO Dramatic Valentine 2017" Event on Saturday Feb, 4 
The event will be held at TOKYO DOME CITY HALL

Credit : KOFICE Japan, thank you!

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