Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Friday, January 13, 2017

JOFC : Questionnaires for PSH Birthday 2017

This year's birthday tour is held in your ideas?

This year, "Park Si Hoo Birthday Tour 2017" is

To be held in your ideas?

Let's boost Mr. Park's birthday together!

New Year full of hope, but every day the arrival of spring can not wait,  
how everyone spent your time?

Well, this early New Year,  there is a nice announcement to everyone beyond FC.

April 2017, Park's birthday event was decided!

Produce a maximum of one day of Mr. Park's and a fan of everyone, so you can mak a nice memory,

Regard to events of planning, in advance we would like to recruit a questionnaire from everyone.

With regard to the "strategy" of the following, thank you to receive the cooperation from everyone.

Operation ①: "Surprise surprise from all participants to Sihoo!"

Mr. Park, who heals the fan, etc. always friendly smile and a nice song.

Everyone or does not present a surprise to Schiff's this time?

We are looking for ideas of surprise that you want to present to shift san!

Adopted the idea is, the day of the event, everyone would like to show off to Schiff's!

Strategy ②: "This year Birthday Mr. Park's and ... ♡"

Everyone who is planning to be in conjunction with Mr. Park's, please choose one of the following.

Replay of the drama 

① Schiff's starring

② game to enjoy with you

③ Mr. Park's nice song

④ Other ()

Strategy ③: "Further more !!"

You're happy if there is such a privilege meeting! The planning you think, 
please choose one of the following.

① high touch

② handshake meeting

③ organization shooting

④ 5 seconds eye contact

⑤ Others ()

Opinions from you, please send your request, ideas, etc. to the e-mail address below.

We look forward to a nice idea! Fans, Please join ^^.

★ How to apply ★

[Application period] January 13, 2017 (Friday) - January 25 (Wed.) 23:59

[E-mail the title "Park Shi Hoo Birthday Tour 2017" idea applicants

[Mail content] strategy ①, ②, opinions of ③, requests, to create the idea, please send it.

※ comments received from everyone, and reference to your request, we will be presented 
at the event dedicated HP ♪

Park Si Hoo Japan Official Fan Club secretary

■ E-mail address: Parksihoo.Jpattogmail.Com

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