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Jewel of S.Korea

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Hallyu Pia magazine : Voting for Historical drama you like to see the location ...Part # 1

Brief explanation

This vote conducted by " Hallyu Pia " magazine

Asking fans " Which historical dramas they want to visit the location site ? "

The voting's going on right now at this site :

The magazine will announce the result on their March issue,
Released on Wed, Febuary 22

Prize :

~ DVD-BOX  for the first 3 people by lottery among those who voted ~


Details translated by Google

【Voting】 Which drama you were hooked about
 "Historical drama that wanted to go to a location "? 
Korean drama commitment ranking 【gift】
Hallyu Pia 

"Hallyu Pia" well-received project 
"Moe! Hammer! Korean drama commitment ranking". 
The 20th theme is "Historical drama that made me want to go to a location location." 
Please tell us what you are crazy about!

A Korean drama that is supported hotly by a wide range of people and continues to be loved. 
I will not grab the viewer's heart, crying, laughing, tokkin, surprised ... ....
In the magazine 'Hanryu Pia', the plan to decide the best works according to the theme 
every month from among such Korean dramas is ongoing in the popular series.
The 20th of the theme "historical drama that became want to go to location" .
When you are watching historical dramas, have you ever seen a place that appears many times 
and have thought that you would like to go? Various shooting places that boost the world view 
of the work ... .... Please tell us the history drama you wanted to go to the location location 
without thinking this time.

Also this time, we will give DVD-BOX 1 of the first prize to 3 people by lottery among those w
ho voted. Results will be announced at "Hanryu Pia March issue" released on February 22 (Wednesday), so please look forward to it as well! Please do vote by all means!
※ Results will be announced in the magazine "Hanryu Pia March issue" 
released on Wednesday, February 22, 2017. 

※ The reasons for your selection may be posted in the magazine, WEB. 
※ We will select the best comments from voters and plan to publish. 
※ We will give DVD-BOX 1 of the first prize to 3 people by lottery among those who voted.
■ Deadline: 201 1995 2 March (Friday) 23 hour 59 minutes  
※ (2) In the case of 2 March (Friday) no later than

■ How to Apply: Please apply at any of the following methods.

(1) WEB 

This application form of "Hallyu Pia" Please vote. 

⇒ Http://W.Pia.Jp/a/00093534/

(2) a postcard

Address : 
Yubinbango150-0011 Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Higashi 1-2-20 Shibuya First Tower 
Pia Co., Ltd. Korean Pia "! 
Moe addicted Korean drama Good rankings 20" engagement

(3) FAX

FAX number: 03-5774-5370
▼ (2) and (3) in the way of your vote
on the following WEB application similar question of fill, 
please apply. 
1. The name  ※ required
2. nickname (the magazine, your name when it is posted on the Web) 
3. age 
4. Gender 
5. postal code and address  ※ required
6. email address 
7. In the future, the notification e-mail from Pia Co., Ltd. 
Are you sure you want to send it? 
  Yes or No 
8. "historical drama that became want to go to the location," 
 please fill in 1- and 2-position of the work name 
and chose reason (150 characters), respectively. 

 ● 1st rank of the work 
 ● reason

 ● 2nd rank of the work 
 ● reason

Personal information that we responded to at the time of entry is used only
 for mail delivery to people who answered "Yes" by lottery, shipping, 7. 
It will not be used for other purposes. 
In addition, we will not transfer or leak information to third parties.
Please look forward to the voting result !!

Credit : W.Pia.Jp, thank you!

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