Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Dramatic Valentine event 2017 : 7 Rules from the organizers

Look like Mentor had stricken their rules tighten this year!

This is the first time they posted the notice to remind fans.

But we're sure, all Park SI Hoo will follow the rules without a doubt!^^

★ Notice ★

** (Pictures created to collaborate with the rules in our humorous way
 if you know us well enough!^^

[ Asking for your cooperation to 
PARK SI HOO Dramatic Valentine 2017 for everybody who’s coming ]

In order to secure the event, thank you for your cooperation.

Please read.

1. No Banners or Cardboards

Because it involves the risk on the basis of the Fire Service Act, we have to decline.

2. Food and drink into the venue (seat) has been prohibited.

Sorry, please eat or drink at the lobby.

3. For gifts

On the day of the event, we are planning to have a gift BOX at the venue in the lobby.

Please refrain from handing to anyone or the staffs.
Also, please no gifts of food and drink, thank you.

4. Flowers and the balloon at flowers

If you would like to send flowers on the day of the event specifically in the morning,
please write your instruction to the delivery company to drop it at the front entrance of the venue
And contact information below. Thank you.
E-Mail ※: Infoattopsh-dramatic2017.Net TEL: 03-3345-1333

※ Bring flowers to the dressing room : For the space limitation,
we’re afraid that we can not do that, thank you for your arrangement in the lobby flower.

※ For the space reason, we can not specify the place to decorate flowers, please note.

※ For flowers you sent to us will be decorated in the lobby once through the performance.

※ For flowers stand that need to be raised, please be sure to arrange for the delivery person
 so that they can be done during the day.

※ Balloons at stand flowers can not be accepted.

5. Cheering Items :

Please no Wielding or cheering goods that bigger than our own body,
because there is likely to be the cause of disturbed or injury of your field of view of around.
 Also, balloons containing helium, etc. are forbidden regardless of size according to the regulations of the venue.

6. For shooting and recordings act

Shooting and recordings within the venue is prohibited by law. If you shoot, record, record during the performance, you will be sent off even during the performance.

In addition, if we receive formal inquiries based on law from the court or the public agency of the police station,
we may disclose personal information. Please follow the staff's instructions. Even if confusion and accidents occur
as a result of not following instructions, the organizer can not take any responsibility.

In addition, there are malicious vendors selling pictures illegally taken with the camera outside the venue
and around the station recently. Because this product will be illegal goods which have not obtained official permission,
fans should not purchase them.

7. For the other places that our performer (PSH) visits 
during he’s in Japan at the time of manners

※ Please stop tracking of vehicle which performer is riding in the absolute
because it is extremely dangerous and cause an accident.

* Please refrain from acts such as waiting for the lodging in the lobby of the accommodation
and looking for the accommodation floor as it is troublesome to other customers.

※ Please stop waiting for the performers at drinking shops or when he’s using other facilities etc.

※ Please take action with your own moderation and manner.

We sincerely thank you for your cooperation so that trouble will not occur.

PARK SIHOO Dramatic Valentine 2017 Executive Committee
E-Mail: Infoattopsh-dramatic2017.Net TEL: 03-3345-1333

Credit : , thank you!

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