Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Park Si Hoo's Star cap without ring # 2

In Part # 1, pictures posted by the hat shop themselves.

But there was some mistake!^^


Let us show you step by step!

~ First this shop sell two similar caps like Park Si Hoo wears ~

1. First model calls " BC00003_Black1-1 "

2. Second model calls " BC00003_Black1 "

The big different about these two is ...

" The ring on the right side of the brim & 
the amount of stitch line on the brim is different (4 & 2 stiches )! "

Now let us show you Park Si Hoo pictures when he wore this cap

These group pictures took by fans, thank you!

The pictures below taken by Park Si Hoo did selfie himself
(To remind you, picture from selfie like image from mirror, 
it will be reversed from left to right & right to left )

After you see these photos, you can see a little hole 
& 2 stitch lines on the right side of the brim on his cap!

Yes, Park Si Hoo wore the cap with the ring hole!

The second model # BC00003_Black1 

Only he took the ring off!

That's why we see only the hole without the ring!

But the shop post this picture!

And it's different model from Park Si Hoo's cap!
We don't know why they reversed his photo?
(You can tell from his name at the bottom )

This is the original picture

If you look closely the picture still showed the hole & the two stitch lines very clear too!^^

Yes! Park Si Hoo's cap is this one :

Model # BC00003_Black1 (without ring^^)


Model # BC00003_Black1

Description : It is possible to extinguish any look with black & white harmony, 
and one side of the brim gives a point using a ring, and the brim and one side are 
more special item using synthetic fiber for star volume embroidery and white color on 
the one side! Unlike other baseball caps, the back adjustable strap has a "SWAGROVSKI" embroidery point and a size adjustment strap makes it easy for anyone to wear it.

The End! 😎

Credit :, thank you!

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