Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Voting : Please Vote for Park Si Hoo at 123fans website

We love to see him holding a script like this again and again!

So we need your help!

We had mentioned before this voting site is really important for Park Si Hoo!

Vote here : ParkSiHoo123 vote

Because it is one of the two main voting site in China 
that Korean news keep tracking his popularity every month.

To show Park Si Hoo's popularity in the eyes of Korean entertainment, 
We need to help him continue his lead in this poll!

Right now, he is rank # 2 

And this time...
With A brilliant instruction by Kei88, thank you!

It's easier for you to understand how to vote!

1. When you click into this website

This is the front page of Park Si Hoo's voting process

2. Please follow this instruction

The above instruction for Fans who use computer, laptop or iPad to vote

Below image is the webpage you will see on your smartphone
(Similar process, only you won't have " autoclick "
You have to click manually ; one click one point! )

The highest point each time is 500 as below

After you finished it, you can repeat the whole process again as long as you want to!

Have fun & thanks again for your support!^^

Credit :, thank you!

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