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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

A Brief Summery of Park Si Hoo's fan service at Live Tokyo Seaside Festival on Oct 7, 2016

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We can give you only a brief summery here.

A Breif summery for Park SI Hoo's Odaiba Seaside Festival 2016

This report by Korepo news reporter who came to watch 
Park Si Hoo's Odaiba concert in the evening show.

The concert started with a Korean boy band called " 4H "before Park Si Hoo 
emerged behind the audiences by singing a song " Season in the sun " 
and walked through the path way up on stage. 

Later he sang a familiar song " Will you marry me ? " 
but he ended up forgot the lyrics until fans had to encourage & cheer him 
to keep going and he did.^^ And he finished it by speaking in Japanese
 " Please marry me ? " And hope he said it correctly!^^

Later he told fans that he's too nervous until he forgot about the lyrics 
and thanks to his fans who always cheer him up and asked them to look after him!^^

During the talk on stage, The MC asked him ; 

What part of his body he likes the most ?

PSH said : His eyes!

Then he walked himself closer to the camera so fans can see his eyes 
from the big monitor clearly!

There was a question about " What do you want to do if you have chance to spend time 
with fan ? " And he said he wanted to lay down at his new house and watch the sunsetting together! " ( You may remember he posted one picture at his boat house during sunsetting^^ )
Another question : Fans said they didn't see his back much ( Or yet )

So PSH immediately turned his back toward his fans and asked fans 
if they wanted to see his face too before he turned left & right for fans to see.

He talked about visiting Italy last year (2015) and ate pasta every days.
He said even it's his favorite foods but having it everyday can be too much 
and made him gain some weigh because of that.

He handed out scripts of his drama " Local Hero " to his fans With Piano, he played an emotional song to thanks his fans, he played guitar with " CDDA's OST " and much more...

 And he said the day before the show he also had pasta. He said he need to eat less 
to prepare his body for next work and after he finished saying that 
the audiences gave him a big round of applause with excitement!

PSH sang, played piano, & dance with new & old song until the end...

After the show was over he went down to shake hands with his fans, many ...hundred of them! And the reporter complimented him that only PSH who always gives various kind of performance for his fans & more than expectation. She's looking forward to see him 
for his next performance or next work as an actor


For the details please read the translation below 
only it won't be 100% accurate, thank you!

Link :

Google translation

Park Si Hoo, outdoor Odaiba quality LIVE concert kicked off singing in jubilant dance

Actor Park Shi thickness of 10 Yue. 7 Ri (Saturday) in Tokyo TOKYO SEASIDEFESTIVAL 
Odaiba special event, held the "Park Shi Hoo talk concert with high-LIVE ~ Sky & Sea concert." 
The event was organized by daytime performances sky ● talk music It will be the evening performances of sea ● LIVE concert quality components. Under sunny skies, actor Park Shi Hoo "singing and dancing" enjoy to play concerts, ebullient expansion stage. Venues everywhere, 
"Shi Hoo West (Hoo) - rising cheers, Hoo always keep smiling waving charm.

This time is sunset dusk, surrounded by the beautiful night view of Rao's performances. 
By the South Korean boy band combination 4 H Five first appearance was singing, dancing 
opening act. After the show ends, and Park Shi Hoo image, the venue sounded a Korean song: "Season in the sun (in the sun season)," Park Shi Hoo side while singing on stage from 
the audience behind. Hall whole audience stood up together, "ah!" Cheers boiling up immediately. Park Shi Hoo in dancers accompanied from the central hall passage way, one side and the fans clap handsome boarded the stage, suddenly and his close contact with the fans excited, originally cool weather, because of Park Shi Hoo's appearance makes the venue an instant cause a sensation! 
Along with Park Shi Hoo refreshing songs and lively dance, concert scene when the curtain opened.

However, in the next concert of Lee Seung Gi "WILLYOUMERRY (will you marry me?)" 
When he suddenly forget the lyrics, Park Shi Hoo sky and smile. At this time came from
 the venue "Come ~ Come" and the voice of solidarity, Park Shi Hoo immediately restore
 the state to continue singing and dancing happily, fans can happily laugh together. 
After the song, Park Shi Hoo said in Japanese, "Please marry me! Do not know 
what to say how well," said Park Shi-thick fan of shyly.

Moderator Ms. King on stage, and asked Mr. Park Shi Hoo "stage how the evening feeling like? 
Park Shi Hoo said," I feel better bar atmosphere at night some Nirvana, but because it was too tight, and accidentally forgot the lyrics, ha ha ha " then he smiled and said, "Please guard me warm,
" the audience immediately burst into warm applause.

The venue, day and night attended 2 gig fans believe that the day and night performances staged styles vary. Park Shi Hoo shouted, "Ladies and gentlemen, please enjoy the play,"
 fans also gave a very positive response, the more high atmosphere of the venue.

In addition, Park Shi Hoo also answered questionnaires collected content before matinee 
performance starts, "Shi Hoo to Japan's favorite place?" "Hoo Who will spend a great day together."

There is the problem of "Hoo like his which part?", Described in "works like women's wistful eyes" This answer, was asked at the night market in front of the camera to make wistful eyes, 
and in that way show up on the screen.

Hear "never seen Shi Hoo back" after the question and answer, Hoo immediately stood up, 
facing the rear, showing his back, in answer to "want to see the left side of the face",
 Shi Hoo sideways direction to the left of the face the dew out, then shifted his gaze to
 the front of captivating eyes, so that fans heart.

Asked "? Feel the time is the most handsome," Park Shi Hoo said shyly: "I think the fans
 are passionately should aid me, feel that they are the best ha ha ha.", Fans should aid immediately loud sound sounded, Hoo immediately responded by saying "Thank you!" and with his hands
 to his face to make lovely hot action.

When asked, "Mr. Shi Hoo day is a want to do most unsettled King?" After considering 
for a moment, Hoo said: "in their newly built home, while overlooking the sunset 
while lying down (laughs)" and shyly showing off with a smile.

Stage again, Park Shi thick with sweet song continuously sang 2 OST "The Princess' Man"
 and "today also love you", "Sassy Girl Chun-hyang" and "emergency room", enthusiastically
 fans waving blue penlight hearing fascinated.

When the field changing clothes after Park Shi Hoo, on screen, played Park Shi Hoo daytime 
meeting place available for sale in the Italian shoot image photo sets.

In the fans' Shi Shi thick thick ~ ~ Shi Hoo "summon the enthusiasm, Park Shi Hoo was wearing
 a white shirt with black dress Dandy appeared again and on photography in Italy was
 interesting conversation.

Shi Hoo:. "In southern Italy was about to shoot about 10 days", "Italy every city are good,
 especially Positano is very good, the scenery is as beautiful as the painting after taking a photo album, and separated from his brother, and friend went to this place Positano travel ah ha ha ha! 
"a man laughing," in Italy eating pasta every day gained over, after returning to lose weight
 thin down, but recently fat "laugh.

Appears on the screen a picture taken sailing, eating pasta at the photos, "Although pasta is 
my favorite, after all, is to eat pasta for a month, so I'm tired of eating," "Yesterday,
 the day before yesterday also ate pasta . " "However, to eat less of." "To prepare to shoot 
the lower part of the work, we must eat less, ah," the venue sounded fans on the lower portion 
of the work expected applause.

Then, in the audience of strong demand in the daytime performance "Cheongdam-dong Alice" 
happy dance also disclosed in late gig also demonstrated.

Park Shi Hoo ready smile and sunglasses playing (laughs), though he can not see the way of excitement, but when the music starts, he excitedly jumped up and shook himself like a dance, 
and happy to come to the auditorium below , ga nook La rotated children, while also danced
 with fans interact, and then spinning back on stage, he just stopped. Fans said he was very happy. Park Shi Hoo also said "very happy!" Exposed satisfied smile.

Continue live concert live. A new pop song "LOVERS", after Charlie sexy dance, onto a piano 
on stage. The next song is a ballad, Park Shi Hoo was smiling and appeared happy and smiling (laughs), the court also will be laughter around him. Hoo then ask everybody to say 
"if mistakes please support, please support me," and with a very serious expression sat down 
at the piano and began a "self-esteem as" solo solo performances. It instantly becomes 
quiet venue, Park Shi Hoo sad songs, and piano melody echoed in the night sky lengthy.

Further, in order to express his gratitude to the fans and then he sang his debut single released
 in Japan "you", the thoughts and love of melody is passed to the fans, so fans incomparably moved.

Park Shi Hoo to do the preparation for the next show, this time in the field sample of 
five lucky fans, sent out Shi Hoo drama "hero next door" signature script.

After that, prepare neat Park Shi thick emerging on the stage, he sat on the bench. 
Female dancers holding hands and singing "again leave" to musical performers were performed. After the song over and over, the bouquet thrown into the auditorium, the audience and said, 
"Thank you!" Fans and "Hoo" heart to heart communication. Fans will be reflected in the classic tracks on "Shampoo", and the fans clapped his hands and beat Shi Hoo dancing together make
 the venue enthusiasm.

Hoo said: "The day of the premiere is also very happy, but at night the atmosphere is very good, everyone applauded enthusiastically support me, I am really happy!." Park Shi Hoo always smile
 to the end, "time flies it. Unfortunately the concert to a close, I hope next time we meet again, 
I made an appointment with you, oh," said as he sang the final song. "Thank you!" 
Sent a last greeting.

The fans shouted again in Park Shi Hoo holding the guitar appeared back on stage,
 "Cheongdam-dong Alice" OST "thunderstorms" dancing and singing on the stage looked elated 
Park Shi Hoo, fans also stood up therewith chorus to end.

Fans claim again in the next re-encore, dancers with a variety of animal headdress appeared, 
threw himself into singing and dancing, Park Shi Hoo. Demonstrated with his handsome looks 
big gap between the funny dance, so that fans crazy for him.

After the program all over the Park Shi thick curtain call wearing a graceful skirt (goodbye),
 and made a "kiss" thrown to the audience, then disappear after the stage.

Throughout the gig, and he waved hundreds of times, always smile, bright, energetic singing 
and dancing, Park Shi Hoo. The spirit is very strong Oh, the fans have been attracted by 
his boundless charm. In order to make fans happy, while he challenges a variety of concert performances, when, while perfectly possible to complete the difficult dance, watching
 a variety posture Park Shi Hoo, is looking forward to his future premiere performance,
 but also very We expect him as an actor interpretation.

Credit :, thank you!

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