Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Sunday, August 21, 2016

It's vacation time!^^

Hello...Our Readers

Before Park Si Hoo will make his appearance again for

 " ENISHI Tour " in Japan on September 11

We would like to use this opportunity to take a break as well!

Our vacation will start right away after you read this announcement!

From ...

( Sunday ) August 21 ~ ( Thursday) September 1

If you follow us long enough, you may know that...
We will come back & post any important or breaking news for you 
as soon as we can if it happens during our vacation.

Otherwise, we will see you again on September 1!

Thank you & have a wonderful summer, everyone!

* Son of Buyeo *


  1. Hello Nikki & Co, thank you for all your postings. Enjoy your vacation break !

    1. Dear Suelynn : Thanks & hope you have a wonderful time as well!^^

  2. Good rest ! Enjoy your holiday!Thank you a lot of new information!

    1. Dear 78 Led, Thank you! Have to take it before he will make us busy again!^^ Have a good day & see you on Sep 1 (or before^^)