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Jewel of S.Korea

Saturday, June 4, 2016

News : Park Si Hoo, in cover of four famous Hallyu magazine proved ... 'unrivaled Hallyu star'

* * We summarized the news for you who doesn't want to read the whole google translation!^^

" The news talked about....
Park Si Hoo who's on the cover of four famous Hallyu magazine in Japan. 
They are :

 T.O.P ,  Hallyu Pia ,  Mnet, and ENISHI. 

And they stated him as " Unrivaled Hallyu star "

Link for the original news :

Park Si Hoo, on cover of four famous Hallyu magazine proved ... 'unrivaled Hallyu star'

Posted by South Korea economic original : article forwarding 2016-06-03 

Google translation

Actor Park Si Hoo was a model at the same time in four Japanese's famous Hallyu magazine, 
proving the grandeur of the unique Korean star 'Top Class' Park Si Hoo is the Korean Wave, 
TOP, Hallyu Pia, ENISHI that were released in May such as Japan took to celebrity Wave 
front cover of the magazine in June. Which was released last month released the 16 days
 and 22 days by MENTOR 

Korean Wave TOP Pia, the front cover of magazines such as leading Hallyu four professional magazine published and ENISHI 2016 VOL.02, and Mnet Japan's Park Sihoo to greet the
 Year for four years at the same time it will be decorated. 

In addition, in April, which was already issued Pia monthly ska par with the Toei news 
agency published last month, 22 days in may, Tokyo news agency Scapa! TV Guide premiums
 may, Mnet program guide, etc. may the article contained interviews Park Sihoo has demonstrated 
an extraordinary phase. it adds more to what the Park Sihoo rising again made ​​in Japan 
slowed atmosphere Wave, Hallyu star as a unique exhibit wear, special meaning. 

Park Sihoo is in proving the existence and lead to having a 'Park Sihoo Live 2016' concert 
at the largest gathering centers and international locations approximately 6,000 pyeong
 International Forum in Japan last month on the 7th occupation of Japan, leading Hallyu 
magazine cover, do not get cold the Shem particularly utmost Park Sihoo has shed palsaekjo 
appeal to the 'nifty pose' for each Wave Magazine nature. The Korean Wave TOP wearing
 a dark red colored tie simple gray check suit pulled built a profound gaze, Hallyu Pia in 
situations where a cast of Park Sihoo table "Honey smile 'patented ribbon tie the match while
 the navy jacket. Also, in ENISHI in stimulating the selfishness of black tuxedo reveal intact
 a solid chocolate abs not wearing an shirt inside to shoe " the sexy " explosion to female fans. 

SO When Park Sihoo have accomplished a home theater comeback three years successful drama 'Neighborhood Hero' is also being broadcast in the critically-acclaimed Japanese Mnet Japan. 
Last 23rd start a full-fledged home theater broadcasts struck Japan during Mondays, Tuesdays 
at 10 PM, which will get a hot response. In this regard, the hero of the neighborhood 'Japanese broadcast the' Korean Wave 'to re-ignite and has attracted expected to further enhance the 
worthiness of Park Sihoo. With cover of Japanese influential magazines in love Doug of
 "Many Japanese fans 

Park Sihoo said through his agency, Hoo factory " I will try my best to send you more good look 
and work harder in the future. " Meanwhile, Park Sihoo the hero of the neighborhood 
'jongyoung later splits his time between Japan and South Korea, China, the Korean wave star
 'and continues the busy pace as a Hallyu star. 

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