Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Saturday, May 21, 2016

VDO & Picture : Park Si Hoo congratulated " Hallyu Pia " 10th year anniversary celebration with Park Si Hoo in cover of the magazine!

Published on May 20, 2016

雑誌「韓流ぴあ 6月号」(5月22日発売)の表紙を飾のは、同作主演のパク・シフ。

Three years from "Cheongdam Dong Alice", Park Si Hoo is back to the drama! Soon to start broadcasting in Japan, "Local Hero (original title)". Magazine cover that the decoration 
of "Hallyu Pia June issue" (May 22 release) is, Park Si-hoo of the same work starring. 
We received the video comments of celebration in Korean Pia, which celebrated its
 10th anniversary publication from such him, Mr. Park, thank you!


Translated by Mei, thank you!

PSH :: How are you? Hallyu Pia readers! I am Park Si Hoo. Yes! It’s been a long time 
since I greeted you all? Let’s join its 10th anniversary celebration. 
With my sincere congratulations!! *Clap *Clap Please get ready to be attracted 
by alot of entertainments!💕

PSH :: Congratulations!! *Clap *Clap* Local Hero drama will also be rebroadcasting. 
Please give it a lot of support!💕

PSH :: Finally, Hallyu Pia will be released on 21st May. Please give it a lot of support. 
This is Park Si Hoo signing off. Let’s meet again, everyone^^~💕


▼ Park Si-hoo, appeared in the magazine "Hallyu Pia" cover!
 5.21 is content to be worried about the launch issue?

★ reservation and purchase at BOOK Pia is here.

Credit : 韓流ぴあ, thank you!

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