Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Style News : Actor Lee Hyun Woo & VIXX Honbin starring drama "Wulin school" and Park Si Hoo starring movie "Scent" Japan's first broadcast decision!

This news mentioned about other actors & movies also.
It's about the decision to broadcast movie on Mnet _Japan channel we talked about before.
In here we will show you only the part about Park Si Hoo and movie " Scent "

Please follow the link for the original news : 

KSTYLE  on  May 24, 2016

In July, A Chinese movie "Scent" with a popular actor Park Si Hoo starring, 
known for hits drama "Cheongdam Dong Alice" will be broadcast first time in Japan.
 The Korean star starring role in China are screened at the unusual expansion public, 
topic by further won the first place in the music download chart of the theme song 
is also China's largest search portal site Baidu sung by Park Si Hoo (Baidu) China. 
It has become and the excitement of a love story 
that goes beyond the border of China and South Korea. 


China movie "Scent" broadcast date and time : 

July 2 According (Sat) 7:00 to 9:00 

Performers: Park Si Hoo, Chen Ran


○ Drama "Cheongdam Dong Alice", popular actor, such as a movie, 
"Confession of Murder", is Park Si-hoo China movie first starring in! 

○ China in Korean unusual expansion published on the topic 
been screened in as a star starring role singing 

○ Park Si-hoo theme song search portal site Baidu to # 1 
on the music download chart (Baidu)! 

○ China and South Korea of inspiring love story that goes beyond national borders 

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