Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Buyeo's Fried chicken with their famous ambassador on the wall

This article from Korean blogger from Naver

She or He names " 은성이 : Silver Star ", thank you!

She ( we assumed ) went to Buyeo and tried Fried chicken from this restaurant.
And like it so she posted picture of the foods and of course " Park Si Hoo "

We will post only the part with Park Si Hoo in it, please follow the link 
if you want to see more of the delicious fried chicken in Korean style!^^

[삼대천왕 / 치킨맛집] 

부여맛집 시골통닭
부여군 홍보대사 박시후 내부는 넓지 않지만 옹기종기 둘러 앉아서 먹는
 재미가 있어요. 벽면에는 부여군 홍보대사 박시후와 함께한 사진도 있어요. 
메뉴판 포장을 하면 천원이 저렴하네요오. 밑반찬 밑반찬은 간단해요. 
딱 닭에 어울리는 반찬들. 과하지 않아서 
좋았어요. 은성이는

Google translation

[Three Tenno / chicken restaurants] 

Country fried chicken restaurants. With Buyeo Ambassador Park Si Hoo interior is wide 
but I have fun sitting and eating huddle around. There's also a wall Photo with 
Buyeo Ambassador, Park Si Hoo. If the menus are packed one thousand won five'm cheap. 
Side dishes side dishes are simple. The perfect side dish to become a chicken. 
It did not exceed good. The Silver Star is

The owner & TV show hosts

Inside I sat down to eat but fun huddle around at the wall 
I also spotted a photo of the owner with Buyeo ambassador, Park Si Hoo

The less are some photos she posts that we picked to show you!

 ( Chicken soup )

Hungry yet!^^

Credit :, thank you!

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