Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

To : Our dear readers, Today our posts had reached 5555 posts!

You can't see it 
But our records ( Lookmoo spotted it ) had indicated that ...

Our latest post : ( VDO & Pictures) After Love trailer : By Finefilm 

Has become our No. 5555 post!

Our status :

We like the number!^^

As you know our root; Nikki, Lookmoo, and CSI from Thailand!

And Number " 5 " in Thai pronounce " Ha "

So many times we like to use " 555 " instead of " Hahaha " for short!

One of many pictures we had created for fun!^^

And Son of Buyeo is the blog that's full of Happiness & Humor.

So No. # 5555 means a lot for us! 5555

Thanks again, everyone!

Without you, we won't come this far!

Without you, we won't create this blog, Si Hoo!^^

Have a great day

~ Son Of Buyeo ~


  1. Congratulations to you ~ blog and team ~ and many more posts ahead.

    1. Thanks, Daniela! Years of up & down! Rain & Strom! PSH's fans went through together! And we did it because we always believe that " our time will come! " And being positive thinkers made us get through better & easier like our actor!^^

  2. Congratulation on the mile stone. PSH is blessed to have you all his family of fans.

    1. Thank you, dear! We are his family and we are family also! Like the way Chinese fans call each other, sister!^^