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Jewel of S.Korea

Monday, February 15, 2016

LH News : Park Sihoo , Yuri ♥ ♥, Lee Soo-hyuk, Love triangle melodrama even hero can not be avoided

OSEN origina article 2016-02-15

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[OSEN = Lee Ji Young Reporter] Hero also fell in love triangle, the neighborhood has always existed a triangular melodrama. A former CIA agent also has a triangular melodrama than eopna can escape. Park Sihoo form a glass and a subtle atmosphere, and began to form a triangle with Lee Soo-hyuk. There's an old lover's Park Sihoo had appeared to notice the more complex melodrama line.

OCN 'hero of the neighborhood' has become the story of the secret released unfair younger neighbors gathered force with the poor and subsistence employment junbisaeng corrupt former police intelligence agents in need of a hero's death in the neighborhood and help secretly.

In 2/14 that look squarely broadcast (Yuri) and Siyun (Park Sihoo) forms a subtle atmosphere was painted. Sagwija is squarely shall hold communion while contemplating the suggestion of changyu (Lee Soo-hyuk) Scenario Contest deadline is not much left. Is squarely own scenarios spy story Gardenia I hit the limit beyond mid falls into trouble.

Is squarely learned that it was hwangsajang (Song Jae-ho) is a former CIA agent through after changyu, get him a few tips. That evening I met by chance and swept the siyun voice phishing gang, injured in the process. Coming back to the store without injured myself and treat the injured arm. The orderly noticed something strange is smack in the room with siyun help the treatment of siyun.

Orderly saw several wounds in the body siyun a ride on, sikimyeo substituting siyun the scenario protagonist asks whatnot. Ttajida to look squarely showed several contexts sure siyun the shadows. Following is squarely siyun was embarrassed by the angry look that high, "it do not hit" to siyun.

Day, the two men formed a subtle atmosphere of the scene. Siyun also had to look squarely to the aeteut Chiyo his arms, looked squarely crush has interest in congestion level of siyun. Since changyu was also jealous of the fact that two people were together in one place.

Siyun while joining the relationship on his way to the mellow flow of changyu and orderly, the two men formed a line a little more taut melodrama. Here's former lover suddenly appeared at the end of the broadcast in question were amplified siyun melodrama line of four people. What drama can not even fall into a love story. 'Hero of the neighborhood' Melo has also started and Shaggy are subject to more extensive information. The love story of four people have been watching the new point. /
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