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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

News : Park Si-hoo's come back after 3 years is not risky

* So far this is the best news article about how the director sees Park Si Hoo! 
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Actor Park Si-hoo is coming back with a drama for the first time in 3 years. He is coming back with the OCN drama "Neighborhood Hero".

Park Si-hoo plays Baek Si-yoon, a former secret agent who currently runs a bar and dreams of revenge. His role requires him to perform a lot of action scenes.

Director Kwak Jeong-hwan was at the premiere of "Neighborhood Hero" and he said, "Dramas like these are cool to watch but some parts of it don't relate with the viewers. I wanted to make it different. So I made Baek Si-yoon. He is friendly and cool at the same time".

About Park Si-hoo who plays Baek Si-yoon, Kwak said, "There are many action scenes in this drama and I have worked with Jang Hyeok before. I was looking for someone better than him. Baek Si-yoon has some painful memories so I needed someone who was able to be sincere about his feelings as well. Then I thought about Park Si-hoo".

Park Si-hoo usually appears in romantic dramas and movies. He appeared in the 2010 SBS drama "Prosecutor Princess" with Kim So-yeon. He then starred in "The Princess' Man", "Cheongdam-dong Alice" and others. Then in 2012 he starred in a movie called, "Confession of Murder" as serial killer Lee Doo-seok and showed his potentials as an action fighter.

Kwak was right to have cast Park Si-hoo. He said, "I am more excited when Park Si-hoo is in an action scene and I sometimes yell. I admire myself for casting Park Si-hoo and I trust him".

Park Si-hoo was once involved with an unfortunate incident in the past and so he stopped all activities in Korea. He was accused of raping a wannabe star in 2013. The charges were cancelled and the case ended but he had to take some time off.

About his absence, Park Si-hoo said, "Rather than regret, I just looked back on myself during the time I had off. I was spending time with some people I love and director Kwak reached out to me. It feels like a dream to be able to stand here once again".

Park Si-hoo is coming back as Baek Si-yoon. All that's left is a review of him. Will Park Si-hoo successfully come back despite worries of those around him?

"Neighborhood Hero" is a drama about a former special agent and a wannabe cop fighting crime starring Park Si-hoo, Lee Soo-hyeok, Choi Yoon-so, Kwon Yoo-ri, Jeong Man-sik, Yoon Tae-yeong, Jo Seong-ha and others. The drama starts on the 23rd.

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  1. Hello Nikki, thank you for posting all the wonderful news and pictures of Park SiHoo at the LH news conference. He looks super handsome in his cream white suit !
    So happy to read the good comments from the film director about Park SiHoo's acting skills and why he chose him so proud of our Hero ! Park SiHoo fighting ! Wish Park SiHoo and Local Hero success !

    1. Our pleasure to serve Park Si Hoo's fans! All of us deserve to be happy & enjoy this moment as much as fans who had a chance to witness this event in person! And that's what we're trying to do! Not quite...but we did our best!^^

  2. PD Kwak best choice. Im not saying this because im a certified fan of Sihoo, dont want to be sound biased as well but for me Sihoo is one of the best choice for this drama-actiom series. If i would try to think other than PSH no one came in my mind. Being a kdrama lover i almost memorize the names of SK actors more than our actors here in the Philippines, hehe

    PSH is the one really fits it. He can fight with so much emotion on his face. He can holds his tears back, he get mad like he will never ever make his villain alive. Kekeke

    So happy for you Sihoo.

    1. I'm not expert about Korean stars or K-pop stars! That's why I create my blog with one & only star!^^ But I watched a lot of Hollywood movies ( not expert either^^ ) I still can't find any actors in this planet who can have so many potentials as PSH has ; comedy (CDDA), Action ( TPM, COM) , Romance (You name it!), Emotion ( All, especially TPM )! Besides that, he is absolutely handsome & so many charisma about him! Just give me one name of the world class stars who can have all of this!^^ So you are just telling the fact, Jenn! And we love to hear it! Hahaha!

  3. Haha thats true dear, his charisma unressistable. He can look as gorgeous as Leonardo De Caprio or Brad Pitt. Somehow i wish one of this day Sihoo will have a hollywood movie, walking down the red carpet at Oscar Award. He's one of the best.

    1. And I will be there shouting his name out of my lung! Hope your wish come true & soon!^^