Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Local Hero News : Questions on stage to Park Si Hoo & others

Yesterday after 2 pm ( local time )
Many articles & VDOs were flooding non-stop on the internet!

So overwhelming but happy from what we saw.

As Park Si Hoo's fan, I have to say I'm really proud of him!

Not just because he looked stunning or so handsome! 
( That's just a part of it^^)

But so proud that we chose the right actor to love!

And the words from Mr. Director had confirmed us & all that 
Park Si Hoo is one of the greatest actor in Asia

This is what reporter asked the director ....

Why does he pick Park Si Hoo to be a main actor of his drama ? 

Mr. director said .....

"We have considered the invitation of South Korea's top action stars 
but the problem is they have to be able to complete digest not just martial arts 
but also in line with the characteristics of the characters, which became 
We think the most important of all. And Park Si Hoo has met all the above
 two conditions, choosing him as the actor was feeling right decision during the shooting. "

In this post, we will bring you the interesting answers of Park Si Hoo 
And other actors's during the press conference.

Thanks for our friends ; Panda, Mei, and Lookmoo 
for checking out all these information yesterday for us!

The Interview

1. Park Si Hoo had to do kiss scene twice in one day!

Respond from Yuri ....

 "My first scene with Park Si Hoo was a kiss scene, I was really scared. And it said that after Park Si Hoo and I finished kissing, then it would follow by him had kissing scene with Choe Yun prime kiss, so at that time, it's effect my mood a little." "In fact, Park Si Hoo, himself and him on the screen image is different,  he is a very funny witty man. In the process of shooting, because there are hilarious and inability for me to concentrate when filming too. "

Respond from Park Si Hoo .... ( About the kiss )

Park Si Hoo said he wasn't the lead actor in most of his past works...
he is usually the "winner" of a love match!^^
Although it was a brief script but having to kiss 2 actresses at the same day!
So he had to switch his performance (acting) from one to another so he felt awkward^^

2. How the feeling on stage ?

Park Si Hoo said: "I can stand here again, like a dream last night, generally very happy 
With the media and expect today to meet my fans, I ended up stay up all night. 
It's quite a long time to see you again, though a bit awkward, 
But we hope we have a lot to take care of. "

3. How he feel of returning to Korean business ?

 Park Si Hoo said: "I have no specific return time entertainment calm. 
First, Guo Zhenghuan director offered me the invitation, 
finally I decided to star in the drama. I think is a great opportunity, 
and I'm very happy with director, the crew, and the filming. "

4.  The absence of three years

Park Si Hoo said: "This three years for me is a reflection of people's precious time 
and cherish the people who had spent time together, but also use this time 
to climb many mountains in Korea I have climbed. Whether past or the future, 
I will never regret the choice I made right now. "

Credit :, thank you!


  1. I believe Park Si Hoo presented himself at his best level on press conference, upright, confident, radiant and noble in every aspect, I’m so proud of him and speechless in a happy way.
    Thanks Nikki and Lookmoo for your effort to reflect this important event in such ample manner.

    1. Hahaha! You're welcome, Daniela! Maybe we should take it more serious to look like a pro!^^