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Jewel of S.Korea

Monday, January 18, 2016

Local Hero News : Capture Park Si Hoo - Lee Soo Hyuk, shooting...' Notice warmed Chemistry between the two

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Korea's economy Source  Articles sent 2016-01-18 

[Entertainment team] the expectation of the TV drama
 Neighborhood Hero between  Lee Soo Hyuk and Park Si Hoo's chemistry 
is being collected.

On January 23, OCN's new drama to be broadcast first episode " Neighborhood  Hero" 
( playwriter gimgwanhu, directing by gwakjeonghwan) 
Lee Soo-hyuk Park Si Hoo the appearance of being shot was captured.

Photos published in comfort and Lee Soo-hyuk Park Si Hoo is that it brings tears 
to questions about the situation to give him to wipe histears. Both boast 
an extraordinary visual saramneun two sheets of steel cut just directed 
a friendly atmosphere and are expected to increase their chemistry between each other.

In this regard said, " This Neighborhood, 
there are various relations appeared in several stories. 
In particular, the change in the relationship with Lee Soo-hyuk Park Sihoo is important 
enough to have a decisive impact on the upcoming drama development "
and" Chemistry between the two actors will be another attraction of this drama. "

Meanwhile, local hero 'is derived girl group Girls, Yuri, Park Si Hoo Lee Soo Hyuk, 
Jo Sung-ha ,Song Jae-ho Jung Man-sik, Yoon Tae-young, Ahn Suk-hwan, including antispasmodic yicheolmin Method actor chongchuldong are living close to 
neighborhood-type This show will be broadcast on Jan 23, 
every Saturday and Sunday at 11 PM. (Photo credit: OCN)

Credit : Hankyong com w Star News News Report, thank you!

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