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Jewel of S.Korea

Sunday, January 31, 2016

LH News : Relationship ... between Park Si Hoo vs Jo Sung-ha, heightened tensions In Episode # 4

Let's prepare ourselves to be ready for episode # 4 tonight!^^

Source by Sports Donga  : Articles on 2016-01-31 

[Press Release] 
Local hero Lee Soo-hyuk vs Yuri  - Jo Sung-ha vs Park Sihoo heightened tension 

OCN weekend drama "Neighborhood Hero 'is gaining interest as a stream of strange 
and tense period between Park Sihoo fight with Jo Sung Ha and Lee Soo-hyuk with Yuri.
On Jan 31, we will meet Neighborhood hero for the fourth times.
 It is about the secret of a Senior Death Baeksiyun (Park Sihoo) and Imtaeho 
secretly investigate and question words of a former staff (Jo Sung-ha) was subject.

Imtaeho complained to Baek Si Yun who were a 'former CIA' he said Baeksiyun is suspicion also
 to imtaeho strong party that does not protect merchants suffer hardship to the service. 
Imtaeho stimulated Baeksiyun by saying, "If working by yourself is so frustrated".

The story of assignments open to misunderstanding Choi Chan Gyu (Lee Soo-hyuk), 
the 'shadow'  ( by Yuri) also adds to the interest. Choechangyu have his own stands 
step closer attention not hate Yan assignments while not denying the shadows.

The relations and the deepen conflicts of the characters drawn attention in Neighborhood Hero '
That will be broadcasted the fourth episode on OCN and UXN this Jan 31 at 11 tonight.

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