Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Saturday, January 9, 2016

LH : Coffee Truck from DC

Post by coffeegreate, thank you!

Link to watch the VDO

#박시후 배우님 드라마 #동네의영웅
#DC박시후갤러리 #커피차 #서포트

Park Sihoo coffee great # # drama actor's neighborhood hero
#DC Park Sihoo Coffee Tea Gallery # # Support

첫번째 서포트 마치고 
커그의 오늘 두번째 서포트 현장은
#박시후 배우님 동네의영웅 촬영장입니다^^ 지난번 뵜을때 정말 너무 환하고 다정하게 인사해 주셔서 빨리 뵙고싶었던 박시후 배우님^^ 분위기 정말 너무 좋은 동네의영웅 촬영팀에 
그동안 오래 기다려오신 팬분들의 따스한 정성 잘 전해 드리고 가겠습니다^^

After the first support
Today is his second big support site
# Hero actor is filming in the Park Sihoo's neighborhood ^^ 
boet the last time I really wanted to see you soon too bright for taking the time
 to greet affectionately Park Sihoo actor's ^^ 
atmosphere is really the hero of the film crew too good neighborhood
I will deliver far better warm hospitality of fans who like to wait long to welcome ^^

Pictures from the VDO

Credit :, thank you!

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