Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

NH Shooting : On the street in a cold day

By 행궁사랑채 RimsDeco, thank you!
Sarangchae palace RimsDeco

Location : 행궁사랑채(한국데코파쥬아티스트협회 수원지부)
Sarangchae palace (Suwon, South Korea Deco pajyu Artist Association Branch)

With google translation

OCN드라마 '동네의 영웅' 촬영 - 박시후씨 2탄♡
OCN drama "hero of the neighborhood, shot - 2 Park Sihoo Mr. Tan ♡

OCN드라마 '동네의 영웅' 촬영 오늘두 저희 행궁사랑채 공방 옆 옛날식당서 했어요
~ 오늘은 팬들도 많이오셨네요~~ 일본팬들두 오시구 한국팬들두 오시구요~~ 
팬들 보는것두 너무 신기해요~~ 박시후씨가 등장했어요~꺄~~ 조각 같은 얼굴이
세요~~ 매니져님두 미남이신듯요^^ 이러다 저두 박시후씨 팬되는거 아닌가요??
친절해 보이시죠?? 팬들 한명한명 악수

OCN drama “Neighborhood Hero 'Today He shot two of our restaurant next to the old palace Sarangchae standing studio - Today, a lot of Japanese fans deuldu ~~ O Downtown South Korea fans deuldu he’s coming so strange ~~ ~~ fans watching geotdu Mr. Park Sihoo then.
He appeared kkya ~ ~~ ~~ are you the manager's face pieces, such as two handsome 
Mr. Park Sihoo who deutyo ^^ Ditto cr ?? is not a fan are you supposed to look nice ??
 Fans, he shook hands with his fans one by one


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    1. Hello! Nice to meet you, Piroska! ( Or should I call you, pipacs ?^^ ) Sorry for late reply!^^ Yes, Family Honor is the drama, you can't miss! It's a long episodes drama to start with but after it's over, you won't notice it at all!^^ And all his dramas are the same, it's really amazing to think that way, some actors will have one or two masterpiece works of their lives but with Park Si Hoo...all of them are his masterpieces!^^ Hope to see you around sometimes & welcome to Park Si Hoo world!^^