Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Thursday, December 17, 2015

LH News : Drama" Local Hero" the first shot is disclosed.

There are almost identical news like this one yesterday, probably around 20 or more !^^

Not much we don't know or anything news we need to know. 
But not hurt to read just once!^^

We picked this one randomly!^^

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"Local Hero" the first shot is disclosed.

On the 16th, ocn 16 TV sets, "neighborhood hero" aspect of shooting the scene
 for the first time live video is disclosed.

郭正焕 director genre masters ocn and "push slave", "Do Seoul Song" and other works of hand. It is becoming a topic of "neighborhood hero" Park Shi Hoo, Jo Sung-ha and girlhood Li Yu, Li-soo He appeared close to life-type espionage series, starting in October of this year were shot.

The case of trailer video hero can not fall into the water "signs" of curiosity previously demonstrated to be disclosed, Park Shi Hoo image in a friendly countryside scenery as background,  Lee-Soo Hyuk, Jo Sung-ha story shoot can be seen (http: tvcast . naver. com / v / 654209)

Former black officials play the role of Park Si Hoo, eyes and intense action acting plundered sight. Lee and Jo Sung-ha soo first met warm joke before shooting the scene, the atmosphere Harmony. 
Lee Hyuk-soo especially in children and the camera together starred as a supporting role, 
"Self" children exposed to emotional attracted people's attention.

Former officials encounter black dreams of becoming a police officer young wage earners will 
mold him into a secret agent, and evil evolved into "compete" neighbor hero "hero began to stand 
out as much as supporting actor movie image quality. gorgeous action and smile congenial drama 
of both the previous level in mid-October this year, secret mission officials to the scene 
to go overseas viewfinder Macao also returned to Korea after a successful end.

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