Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Monday, December 7, 2015

DVD for Ise Shima event published Included Photos & 2016 calendar

"ENISHI reader event DVD2015" image published!

"ENISHI reader limited premium events 2015"
Special DVD-BOX finally image the public!

While color the night sky with fireworks, and learned up and playing, dance camp school!
best summer memories are full inclusion that Park Si Hoo is spent with fans!

Released date : December 24, 2015 (Thursday) 

Park Si Hoo came to Ise Shima!
In the rain, Park Si Hoo speaks to fans through the camera,
And best of moments that deepened the fan and the edge, he showed without exhaustively!

- Contents -

DVD 2-Pack (event main & Ise-Shima explore Making Collection)

In addition to events in the township Hotel & Resort Hehuan to the complete recording of the main, to three days in the Ise Shima
The adhesion was making plenty included! Camera lover of Schiff's is, have their own camera
Such as the one piece that speaks to fans, here it is not seen only the finest video miss!

Photos (80P scheduled / Ise-Shima Explores )

And beginning the state of the event production, such as theme parks and seaside hotel, it was shot in the rain of Ise Shima
Special photo collection of carefully selected best gravure unpublished. Everyone of shooting back and fans have challenged
"Camp school ENISHI quiz" plenty of full color 80P also attached, such as answer!

[Special offers]
Park Si Hoo's desk calendar for 2016!

Including the photos in Ise Shima, it was composed in the original photo of unpublished
Park Si Hoo 2016 special desk calendar.
While sharing a nice memories, along with the 365 days Schiff's ....

※ The contents are subject to change part. Please note.

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