Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Park Si Hoo in Thailand, 2015

Yes! We really mean it!

It took me so long to be able to prove the rumor is true! 
After we heard our Thai friend told us someone ran into him in Bangkok.

As you knew my home country is Thailand,
How many times he visited LA and feel so close to me 
but I never feel as happy as knowing he picked Thailand 
as his vacation so many times from the past and till now!

From this picture, it shows he stayed at 
" Hotel Indigo Bangkok on our famous Wireless road "

Welcome back to Thailand, Park Si Hoo
Always... anytime!^^

He probably went there not too long after finished filming movie " After Love "

I saw Pad Thai, Chicken satay, Noodles...on the table!^^

" You really can eat our chili ?^^ "

A pool at the hotel

And this is the pictures, Lookmoo found from internet about this hotel 
And the specific room Park Si Hoo stayed.

During construction

Credit : ENISHI magazine, thank you!

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