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Jewel of S.Korea

Friday, November 6, 2015

English news : Park Si Hoo draws you in with his intense, magnetic gaze for 'K Wave' pictorial

Park Si Hoo draws you in with his intense, magnetic gaze for 'K Wave' pictorial
November 5, 2015 @ 8:14 pm

Why, hello there, handsome! It's great to see more of Park Si Hoo, 
who hasn't been seen much been in public. It seems the actor is doing well 
and his photo shoot with the Chinese edition of 'K Wave' prove just so! 
Park Si Hoo, ever the handsome, well-groomed devil, 
sears you with his intense gaze which bores right through your heart! 

Meanwhile, the actor will hold a fan signing even for all the Chinese Hallyu fans 
this coming November 7 at MBC's Samjoo Art Hall. He is also preparing
 for OCN drama 'Neighborhood Hero' which is set to air early next year, 
setting the gears in motion for his comeback to the small screen! 

While you wait for Park Si Hoo's return, gaze to your heart's content 
at the actor's suave, charming photos below. 

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  1. Hello Nikki ! Yes , love our super hot and dangerous looking secret agent Park Si Hoo Bond on KWave cover ! It shows PSH's versatility as an actor ie able to portray different moods and character . Love his tough guy secret agent look which contrasts with his soft romantic look in the evening sunset . Look forward to his new kdrama Neighbourhood Hero . Also hope PSH get to be the next James Bond .....all the best PSH !

    1. Hi SueLynn : So excited until we almost forgot about his movie " After Love "!^^ That's one is another kind of tough guy, cold heart pilot! Oh! Just realize why both of them he ended up to be ex of something ? Ex-pilot then ex-spy! Okay, if our dream comes true, he will be next James Bond in future then!^^