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Jewel of S.Korea

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Neighborhood's Hero or Local Hero ?

Being oversea fans like we are, whatever the title name they gave to us we will go with it!

Usually before the dramas came out the production company will give us the official English name and everyone will use that name like ; The Princess' Man, Cheongdam-Dong Alice,
 or Confession of Murder ( First they used "I am a murderer" before they changed it )

With Park Si Hoo's new drama : Neighborhood's Hero " (According to Asianwiki ) 
All of us seems to agree with this name. Until I started noticed Park Si Hoo used the title 
" Local Hero " in his latest Weibo!

From Park Si Hoo's Weibo, thank you!

Recently one actor or crew team, we're not sure, posted the drama's script in IG 
with the English tile " Local Hero " on the cover.

From rkdrns, thank you!

Something they never had if you compare with the scripts, 
Park Si Hoo or other actors had shown us before.

From Park Si Hoo's weibo, thank you!

From Yuri's IG, thank you!

From Lee Soo Hyuk's IG, thank you!

From Lee Nam Gyu's IG, thank you!

Should we expect the production company or OCN decided to use

 " Local Hero " officially instead of " Neighborhood's Hero "?

Time will tell before the drama starts broadcasting next January.

" Neighborhood's Hero " or " Local Hero "

It doesn't matter, if it has Park Si Hoo as Baek Si Yoon in this drama, 
we're okay with it, right?^^

Credit :, thanks!
Credit :, thank you!

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