Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Saturday, October 31, 2015

KWave magazine on Instagram, app, Facebook, and ebay

Park Si Hoo's Kwave issue will come out this November!

Are you ready ? Or do you want to buy it ?

And it's in English!


Because KWAVE Magazine is ....

 " A Global Korean Culture Magazine " 

That's what they call themselves!

Now if you want to support Park Si Hoo!

Let the magazine's sale turns skyrocket like we had done when we voted for him! 

Can we?^^

You can find more information about this Magazine and even order it on line!

How ?

All information sourced by Mei Park, thank you!

1. You can follow them on Instagram

2. On Facebook

And this is what you will see...

3. Kwave App

You can download KWAVE apps & wait for Park Si Hoo's issue to release in Nov^^
It's free for download & read his English article^^

Search for " KWAVE-KSTAR Weekly Magazine "

After you opened you will see the page

4. Kwave magazine on eBay 

You can buy or reserve the magazine with this seller

" Grapemusicland "

Purchasing & Shipping method

Their review

Good luck & please support Park Si Hoo, if you can, thank you!

Credit : Kwave magazine, thank you!

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