Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Friday, March 16, 2018

Updated MGL : Actress Shin Hye Sun's interview about Park Si Hoo on March 15 in Seoul!

You probably know by now that 
she had return to Seoul shortly before the vacation really ended 
for this interview or maybe something else that we don't know.
[Or do, Like a new SBS drama!^^]

And I know reporters ( more than one news) will ask her 
about Park Si Hoo as her partner in the drama and sure they did.

The interview took long time with many questions about her.
You can follow the link if you're interested.

On March 15th, At Apgujeong cafe in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, 
interviewed Shin Hye-sun of KBS2 weekend drama 'My Golden Life'.

I posted here only the question they asked her about Park Si Hoo

Friend at Instagram gave me 
this English translation of Shin Hye Sun about Park Si Hoo:

Let's read ...

SHS's next project is a very short series of two episodes, SHS in her interview said
 that she liked the style of jian but she was definitely frustrated the way
 she continuously rejected the sincere love of CDK, she said she in her real life
 she would definitely not do so and she praised PSH for his performance, 
she said that her concentration depends on surrounding, so she used to waver a bit here 
and there, but PSH never was shaken by surrounding and she was very grateful 
towards him for making her feel at ease cuz of which she was able to portray
 her role with love when acting with him.

SHS said PSH has a great mental strength. I also thought the writer will be 
the only one happy with the ending and the frustrated love line of main leads even 
the actress is not happy with jian rejecting CDK, she also added that she is not happy
 with MGL ending, she said if she could do it she will extend the no episodes to 100.


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