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Jewel of S.Korea

Saturday, December 16, 2017

News : Park Si Hoo soaking into.... 'My Golden Life" ratings

TV Report = Kimye Reporter

 He has already begun. Though he threw away everything he had, 
he chose to win his love. Only for one woman this man rushes hot. 
The eyes of viewers who can see Park Si Hoo shine.

KBS2 weekend drama 'My Golden Life' exceeded the audience rating of 40%. 
The drama, which received much attention from the first episode, 
was fast-paced, great acting performances, and not boring. 
In particular, Choi Do Kyung (Park Si Hoo), a 3rd generation chaebol 
who awakened in love and inspired a rise of ratings.

On December 9, Choi Do Kyung expressed his mind about his marriage prospect
 to Sora (Yoo In-young). Because he realized his love for Seo Ji An (Shin Hye Sun) 
during a traffic accident. He also expressed his willing to his family 
that his love wasn't shaken at all.

Choi Do Kyung, who had to give up everything he had enjoyed all his life, 
that could have been at stake, but he wasn't able to afford it. 
He was frustrated that he couldn't go straight to Jian

This Choi Do Kyung was born as a three-dimensional figure through Park Si Hoo. 
Viewers, especially female viewers, are responding enthusiastically to the appearance 
of Park Si Hoo. The porcelain skin, the eyebrows that feel luxurious, 
His body has a sophisticated male beauty, and the calm yet solid voice 
that has a toughness in it. Park Si Hoo completes the women's fantasy for men award.

Park Si Hoo plays a leading role in 'My Golden Life' and his shooting schedule 
is getting even harder. Although it is a hard work with insufficient sleeping time, 
it is said that he is devoting his energy to exceed 40% of the audience rating.

Park Si Hoo, who finally turned his eyes on love and makes him shine, 
He is making a golden audience rating in 2017.

Credit : Kim Yeon-Na reporter, thank you!

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