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Jewel of S.Korea

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

News : My Golden Life

Reflecting on the meaning of the family, 
it also shows a sophisticated sense of humor and reality. 
It uses exciting development for interest, but it doesn't pack like a regular drama. "

It is a comprehensive evaluation of the people concerned 
about KBS2 TV weekend drama 
My golden life, which is being broadcast recently. 

Despite the overall sharp decline in the number of TV viewers, 
the drama started broadcasting last September has reached 40% with 39% rating 
on 29th last month. Popular factors of the drama are the solid performance of actors 
and the ability of the writer to dissolve social problems in her stories.
 However, the main factor of the <Golden My Life> box office may be 
the title of 'KBS weekend drama'.

Among 8 KBS weekend dramas that have been broadcast for the last three years, 
the highest rating is 30% (based on Nielsen Korea), 
and only one is the House of Blue Birds (27.5%), which aired in 2015. 
48.3% of <Wangan family>, 
43.3% of <Why among the family> has hit the so-called big hit, 
and if it is now, <My golden life> is about 40% soon. 
In addition to this, the recorded of audience ratings of
 <Good times>, <Five children>, <Laurel men's tailors', were <30%

According to the data from the Korea Creative Content Agency (KIDO) on Dec 5, 
the average audience rating of KBS2 TV is 5.8% in the first half of 2016. 
As the number of viewers decreases dramatically due to the increase of various media,
 and the audience rating of terrestrial dramas is less than 1 ~ 2%, 
the continued success of KBS weekend drama is unusual. 
It is also in contrast to MBC and SBS weekend dramas, 
which are organized in similar time, 
show ratings of around 10%. In the 2014 MBC weekend, "Hadjangbori," 
which had become very popular, did not exceed the highest audience rating of 40%.

The production team commented that the high preference given to the brands
' KBS 'and' weekend drama 'is attracting viewers' attention. 

■ 8:00 pm Family Permanent Constant Law

The CP, who is responsible for the production of <My Golden Life> said, 
"At 8:00 pm on weekends, the drama has consistently met with viewers, 
It was important to give viewers the confidence
 that there is a good piece of work in this time zone. "  
CP said, "Especially, this work is unusual because it is highly evaluated 
in the topic that appeals to the 2030 generation beyond the audience rating." 
"It seems that the reason for the topic is the meltdown of 
young generation's anxieties and troubles in the trendy drama."

It has been pointed out that the KBS weekend drama is basically not realistic 
in that it depicts a large family that can not be seen in this age. In the drama, 
the characters have various conflicts, but at the end, they usually sit on one table
 and look at each other and show reconciliation. This is an element 
that can not be easily missed from the viewpoint of keeping the original position 
of the family drama that everyone can see. However, when the KBS weekend drama
 began to dissolve various social problems on this basis.

'Golden My Life', why is KBS weekend?

■ Non-regular worker in 2030 household 

<My Golden Life> is a little more direct. 
From the program planning intention, to the problem of the soil cutter
 and the gold spoon, it is said that the story of the family who lives the unfair era 
that the class of the child is determined according to the power of the parents 
and the wealth which the parents inherit. 

So, the drama showed all kinds of passion of the heroine 
who had to have to be irregular workers even though 
she had the ability to be very early on. In addition, 
So Hyung-Kyung is also releasing various factors such as the division of 
human relations brought about by the abnormal family relations of chaebol 
and the formation of the class brought about by economic difference.

Kim Sun-young, a drama critic, said, 
"The story is breaking down the stereotype of the family drama in the sense that
 it is a bright and lightweight weekend drama." Although there are some elements 
that stimulate the elements of the drama such as secrets of birth, It is noteworthy that 
they are also taking social messages that they want to say through drama at the same time. 
It's doing well in a tight loop between the drama and the writer's attention. "

However, there is an evaluation that it is not possible to show innovative works 
in the weekend because KBS can not present works that completely dismantle
 the stereotype of family drama. However, unlike some daily soap operas, 
where young audiences abandon the drama and they have to maintain
only on the basis of their existing audiences, 
this KBS weekend drama is showing a slight change.

 This KBS weekend drama is like a well-made work created by putting a sophisticated sense 
of reality and moderate comedy code on the message of" warm family. "
" In this atmosphere, young viewers are also influenced, 
I do not think it will break down easily. "

Credit :  Kyunghyang Newspaper & Trends dot com, thank you!

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