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Jewel of S.Korea

Thursday, August 17, 2017

MGL News : Actress, Jeon Su Kyung officially confirmed her appearance in " My Golden Life " ‥ Confrontation with Na Young Hee

From Herald POP, Park Soo-in reporter, thank you!

Actress, Jeon Su Kyung will confront Na Young-hee with blood and tears in KBS2 
A new weekend drama 'My Golden Life' 

(Directed by Kim Hyung-suk /written by So Hyeon-kyung) 
She had confirmed the casting and charismatic ambitious. 

 'My Golden Life' is a family drama featuring a golden life experience of three 
unmarried women who want to get out of the dirt poool. Kim Hyung Suk, 
So Hyung Kyung as well as Park Sihoo, Shin Hye Sun, Lee Tae-hwan 
and Lee Tae-sung are expected to meet in the early of the second half. 

Jeon plays a younger sister of Myung-hee (Na Young-hee) and a representative of 
Haesung duty-free shop. Jin-hee, who has been a competitor to her older sister since
 her sister's marriage because of her sister's husband and her own nephew, 
Do Kyung (Park Sihoo) who is a nephew in the business,
She is a clever figure who does not show her ambition 
but always builds a tentacle to take chances. 

Thus, Jeong Su Kyung is expecting to maintain the tense tension of the drama 
as a charismatic character with her desire to step on her own sister 
and her nephew for her father's property. 

She is especially proud of her intense presence and immersive 
acting ability, and this time she is interested in what she will do to attract you. 

Meanwhile, Jeon Su Kyeong is currently activing in a musical show
 'Broadway on 42nd Street' and SBS 'My sister is alive!', 
And she will join in this drama and continues to show off 
her acting without hesitation. 

KBS2 new weekly drama 'My Golden Life' is scheduled to be broadcasted 
at 7:55 pm on Saturday, September 2, following 'My Father is Strange'. 

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  1. The plot thickens ...scheming and conniving aunt..nasty ! nasty !

    1. Yes! How come she doesn't love her nephew, he's so lovely and must be very cute when he was young! Hahahaha!