Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Saturday, August 19, 2017

KBS blog for MGL : Introducing "My Golden Life " Weekend Room, Park Si Hoo # 1

So many photos!

I will post only pictures, less words just to give you the idea what is about.

Please follow them and click " Write & Comment "
as much as you can to support Park Si Hoo and "My Golden Life ", everyone!

You can write your comment after you signed in some information.

That will protect them from unpleaseant comments we don't want to see either!

They will ask you some basic stuff ; 

1. Your name & Passwrd
2. Your birthday
3. Your cellphone number for them to send you a code
(They welcome all viewers around the world, don't worry)

And you done!

Okay let enjoy the photos

~ Park Si Hoo ~

First of all,
Park Si Hoo : A chaebol III & Haesung Group Strategic Planning Chief 

Choi Do Kyung

 After completing the MBA in the United States (as planned) 
and becoming a group leader

Can you crack (read) that lips .... ??
Because it is "it will not be much " 
If  you think that it is a colossal  mistake ^^

He'll show you a variety of scenes ... with warmth feeling.

Take off your hair and play a full-fledged script!

And Do Kyung's parents

Pictures at their house

Park Si Hoo sat next to Shin Hye Sun during Script reading day

Watch the 1st broadcast together

September 2 at 8 pm  KBS2first place !! 
We hope you will enjoy it.~~~~

To be continued....

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