Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Updated : Park Si Hoo in the cover of New T.O.P Magazine Vol. # 55 released 7/15 (Also available at Amazon.JP)

Updated on 07/12

※ MENTOR : Poster for pre-order only!
It's Park Si Hoo poster (limited) gift! 
★ ※ Folded Poster will be enclosed.
 Please note. Release date: 2017/7/15 

The poster came with Park Si Hoo wearing Korean traditional outfit!

As the number is limited, please make a reservation in a hurry!

You will receive the poster if you pre-order this magazine at also!

From Amazon 

Link :

■ Intro 
Park / Schiff 15P + binding poster!

★ ★ Park Shi ★ ★ 
Drama "The Princess' Man" ,"Cheongdam-dong Alice" ,"Nameless Hero"  
and many popular dramas such as Hallyu star Park Si Hoo. 
In commemoration of broadcasting at TV stations in Japan, 
he came to Japan with a feeling of gratitude to his fans, 
Becoming the hero of the drama! With exclusive interviews as well 
as all 5 performances in Fukuoka, Osaka, Tokyo 
Must see also the report of the performance! 

** This item: "Hallyu TOP" 2017 / September issue (VOL.55) 
Bonus with binding poster! (Park Si Hoo)

And I just did!

If you're interested to buy one, please go to link below

My order to United States cost around $21.09 (plus shipping)
If you order to Asia, the shipping will be cheaper.
Not sure about Europe & Australia


And the link below is T.O.P magazine website

Korean style TOP released on July 15 vol.55 cover is Park Si Hoo! 

Theme: "Hallyu TOP (Tea Opie)"
Happy Birthday ★
It is the editorial department! 

The cover of "Hallyu TOP" vol. 55 released on July 15th is! It is!

 "We had been around Park Si Hoo 
during his Drama Festival Thanksgiving Tour 
in Fukuoka, Osaka, Tokyo "

We will post the interview with him 
in Fukuoka, Osaka and Tokyo event! 
With a folding poster! 

2PM features 26P! 
6 interviewees and "2PM WILD BEAT" Blu-ray, 
DVD release memorial fan meeting pattern, 
and "6Nights" photo report will be delivered! 

G - DRAGON also 12P! 
G-DRAGON 2017 CONCERT: ACT III, MOTTE photo report!

Other line-ups will be announced at a later date! 

Credit : T.O.P magazine, thank you!

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