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Friday, July 28, 2017

MGL : Awaiting dramas from (inspiring) authors

This article was posted by a Korean blogger at

Her name is Lulu, thank you!
Her blog is " Sad reader " (Google translation)

In this article, Lulu talked about the up-coming dramas 
with inspiring authors that she's happy to wait for.
One of them is Soo Hyung Kyoung, a scriptwriter for drama " My Golden Life "

A brief summery for you!

Title : Awaiting dramas by the (inspiring) authors

Posted on July 13, 2017

Four Dramas written by Soo Hyung Kyoung
One of them was " Prosecutor Princess " in 2010
(showed only 3 dramas in here)

Lulu said ...

"Soo Hyung Kyoung (SHK) has comeback for 2 years after her last drama in 2015.
And Park Si Hoo does for 5 years after CDDA in 2013. 

Park Si Hoo seems to have faith on SHK because he had experienced working 
with her before in drama " Prosecutor Princess " in 2010. 

Then she mentioned about Uee, a singer became actress who declined the role 
in the early announcement by saying that ... Uee will probably regret it later! (^^)

About ... Park Si Hoo : 

오랜만에 박시후 씨,
After a long time, Mr. Park Si Hoo,

반갑기도하고 걱정도 되네 .. 
I'm glad to see you again and don’t worry …

케미 만들어내는 건 아주 탁월한 배우인데 .. 
You’re a prominent actor for making a good chemistry (With your counterpart)

작가님이 끌어 주시는만큼, 연기로 열정으로 시청자들에게 
보답 해주길 바라며 ... 8 월에 시작될 황금빛 내 인생 기다려 본다

I hope that you will give back to viewers with your passion for acting 
as much as you had attracted me before. 

I will wait for “ My golden life “ to start in August (Actually September).


Okay, below is from the blog
But only " My Golden Life " part

(Sorry, I can't paste the article, only one way is to cropped it as you see!)

Credit : Lulu from " Sad reader " blog, thank you!

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