Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Let's support him together!

The title may make you wonder what we are talking about?^^
Recently I just had a healthy conversation with our Korean friends.

Many thanks to Shinsarang & Hopper!

What the best way for all of us to support Park Si Hoo
while we're waiting for his return next year in 2017?

Here is their recommendation...

Click " like " and " comment " 

On the news articles

This message from Park Si Hoo 
before drama " Local Hero " started broadcasting in Korea...

편안한 마음으로 봐주시고 후기 꼭 남겨주세요^^
Please make sure and feel comfortable to leave us the reviews (Comments)^^

드라마 끝까지 응원 많이 해주시고 항상 건강관리 잘 하시길 바랍니다.
Please cheer for the drama all the way to the end and take care of your health always.


You can read the entire letters from our previous post link below:

Link : park-si-hoos-message-at-sihoorang

Do what romans do, right?
If that means we are helping Park Si Hoo for his new project next year


1. You have to understand....
" Naver news is the most popular news in South Korea"

Link to NAVER news website 
( That mentioned Park Si Hoo's name ) :

The front page will look like this
( The articles may change everyday if there is any update news about Park Si Hoo)

2. Chick " Like and Comment " 

Link to the article :

*Which one is good or bad, we recommend you to use Chrome or google translation 
Otherwise wait for our Korean fans alert us when good news come up & they need our help

3. How to click " like " or " Comment " at Naver ?

Link to the article comment page :

Just click on " Facebook or Twitter " icon to register first!

It's fast & simple!

When you click " like " or " comment "

One of these two will show up!

Then click icon you want to use 
" Facebook or Twitter "

And it's will show your ID like this...

4. Click " like " to the comments with this ID names!

Here are the list of Korean fans who we recommend you to click " Like " 
even you don't know what they said
(Because they are trustable fans like us^^)

1. Ism7 
2. swee  
3. sky4 
4. mini
5. com2
6. nyaz
7. 신사랑 (Shinsarang)

5. Comment on the articles

You can type your comment in English !
Let them know Park Si Hoo has many international fans supporting him
Or write basic Korean we provide for you here!

As samples below ;

" Fighting, 박시후 ! "

박시후씨 연기 기다립니다! = Waiting for Park Si Hoo's acting!

박시후 ᆢ브라운관에서 빨리 만나고 싶어요~~ = I want to meet Park Si Hoo again soon

My comment!^^

Then...You're done!


You have supported Park Si Hoo as he asked you to!

Thank you, everyone!

😍 Hope we can see him back on screen soon in 2017 😍

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