Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Friday, August 12, 2016

ODAIBA Concert : Tokyo Seaside Festival website

With the announcement from Hoo factory, we just wondered what is about with this festival?
So we checked from their website and found this information to share with you...

Link :

This is the translation by Google of the information below...

Tokyo Seaside Festival 2016! Beautiful Challenge on October,  2016. From Odaiba this year, 
which is also the Olympic year, cultural exchange festival way across the border will be held. And Sumi Jo of soprano that South Korea's world-class women's marathon gold medalist Naoko Takahashi through the top artists is gathered / Festival of countries welcomed as presenters across the country, farm-fresh seasonal collected how diet of celebration is also
 held at the same time / soul food that represent Japan, food culture you calm off
 the world of power. Japan's largest music festival, will !! 
Details that you meet with Beautiful Challenge 2016 Odaiba Coming Soon /

So far, they didn't mention about Park Si Hoo yet
Only these 2 well known people will appear in this festival

1. Sumi Jo

She is a Grammy Award-winning South Korean lyric coloratura soprano 
known for her interpretations of the bel canto repertoire.

2. Naoko Takahashi

She is a Japanese long-distance runner competing mainly in the marathon.
She is widely known for her victory in the women's marathon at the 2000 Olympic Games
 in Sydney, a performance that held the Olympic record until 2012 in London. 

If everything confirmed with Hoo factory, there probably be an update 
from this website about Park Si Hoo. We may have to wait & see again!^^

Credit :, thank you!

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