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Jewel of S.Korea

Friday, August 12, 2016

JOFC : About ODAIBA & No confirmed date yet!

JOFC had posted this free* information
(* Free means anyone can access the article on their website not just members )

It's the same announcement Hoo posted yesterday on their SNS!
But we will show you anyway.
JOFC posted it both in Japanese & Korean
And we added English ( By Mei, thank you) & Thai for you as well

For Odaibo event in October

お台場のイベントについて、HOO FACTORYからのお知らせ
For Odaiba event, announcements from HOO FACTORY

HOO FACTORYに公式の告知文が掲載されましたので、
 For Odaiba event in October,
Since the official announcement of the statement was published at HOO FACTORY,
As described below, the translation contents of the official announcement will be posted later.

 (The original)

언제나 배우 박시후를 믿어 주시고 사랑해주시는 팬분들께 진심으로 감사드립니다.
이번 TOKYO SEASIDE FESTIVAL 출연에 의한 부분은 현재 협의중에 있으며 
2016년 8월 11일 12시 43분 현재 아직 확정된 것이 없음을 알려 드립니다.  
앞으로  배우 박시후의 공식 스케쥴은 HOO FACTORY의 SNS를 통해 알려 드릴 것을 
약속 드리며 출연 공지를 하지 않은 부분에 
대해서는 관련이 없음을 다시한번 밝힙니다.

 (Japanese translation)

今回のTOKYO SEASIDE FESTIVAL出演に関しては、現在協議中であり、
今後、パク・シフの公式スケジュールにつきましては、HOO FACTORYのSNS

English Translation

Hello, how are you?
Thank you so much sincerely to all fans who are always trusting & loving actor, Park Si Hoo.
He will appear and be part of the Tokyo Seaside Festival. During the consultation as of 12:43 
on 11th August 2016, please take note that currently there is no confirmed dates yet.
The official schedule of actor Park SI Hoo will be notified soon. 
We promise to inform you via the SNS of Hoo FACTORY again.

Thai Translation

Park Si Hoo อย่างเสมอมา เขาจะมาปรากฏตัวเป็นส่วนหนึ่งของงาน Tokyo Seaside Festival 
แต่ในระหว่างการปรึกษาหารือตามเวลา 12:43 น. ของวันที่ 11 ส.ค นี้ ขอแจ้งให้รับทราบว่า 
เรายังไม่มีวันที่ๆแน่นอนลงไป ตารางเวลาอย่างเป็นทางการของ Park Si Hoo จะได้ทำการแจ้ง
ให้ทราบในเวลาต่อไป เราขอสัญญาว่าจะแจ้งให้พวกคุณทราบผ่านทางเครือข่าย SNS 
ของ HOO FACTORY อีกครั้งหนึ่ง

Credit :, thank you

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