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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Mentor at Weibo : China Fan Club Premium Event at Jeju island in November, 2016

This is the information from Mentor site at Weibo about " China fan club event in Jeju "
The same information we had posted before. 
You can read the original one in Chinese from the link below ;
Translated in English by google

Park Si Hoo's agency activities 
 ParkSihoo_JP_official_FC 2016-08-12 16:25:05 Report
Reads: 4439  Park Shi Hoo has been supporting Members of Chinese fans 
Hello everyone! 
I understand that most parts of the country is very hot right now, everybody a lot of attention to the body Oh! 
The last time we have to release the wrong article, give us misleading, again sorry! 
My company has a proposal powder agency activity, the result is decided to hold a year! ! ! 
Full details of the event has not been fully determined, but unable to bear the excitement, the first generally content to inform everyone about! 

Park Shi Hoo China Fan Club Premium Event in Jeju 

The Park Shi Hoo in pink agency activities organized by the significance?
Ever since I entered the MENTOR later, after understanding (forgive me I am a very boring person usually do not watch TV, before entering the company is not too understanding Park Shi Hoo) discover the unique charm and hard journey Park Shi-thick (when time is tuition Shi thick TV ㅎㅎ). In the country has also seen vast thick powder has been supported and loved Shi thick, they found that the company did not have had the powder agency activities, with the Chinese people some sad. Every time listening to Japanese translation did not understand, and even games to play well. . . The same is the case in the treatment of fans powder is somewhat worse. . . Of course, because of the factors of the environment, not our company deliberately ah (Japanese network is incorrect). 
So the significance of the activities of the agency is to pink powder in a more direct and more convenient to enjoy time together and Shi Hoo organized. 
If this held successful, I can be more emboldened to the company is held annually in pink agency requirements for the activities! ! !
The venue selected Jeju reason?
I fully understand the country we all want to see Shi thick, is not only convenient but also move in the country to see their favorite Hoo there will be another wonderful feeling. 
However, aspects of the domestic stage special events, parties and other agents are not mature, I believe we all remember a time when Shanghai. . . 
China is now coupled with the atmosphere is not too appropriate. . . 
The Jeju Island can be said that the recent visa from the country, the country where there are many flights to Jeju, you can easily contacts, without a visa troubles. Beautiful island scenery coupled with the local cuisine, together with Hoo under such circumstances would not be beautiful! I believe in the country has been a popular tourist attractions of Jeju Island will not let you down! 
# Activities organized due date: November 2016 27 to 29 cases "activities as the November 28"
# Place: Jeju Island venue on luxury Hotel
Activity Bonus (part of)
  • As the powder agency activities, the moderator invited Chinese activities! (Do not listen do not understand it) 
  • Hoo and clap! 
  • And Shi Houzhao group photo! <As we strive to win 2 photo> 
  • Shi-thick lead us sightseeing in Jeju Island Location when! 
  • Hoo singer mini concert! 
  • other. . . (Supported by many fans, and will win more) 
We give a lot of publicity surrounding the more people know a lot of thick powder because of work or family reasons, need to be adjusted ahead of time. It can be held in accordance with the expected date of the first reference. I hope you can like it.
Thank you!
Credit :, thank you!

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