Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Friday, July 1, 2016

Our Unofficial Goodwill Ambassador!^^

After Park Si Hoo posted his VDO on Instagram : 2016.06.30

I'm sure not just me so thrill to know he chose Thailand to be his oversea vacation again!


Never have concert or fan meeting here (yet^^) 
but we can't count how many times he visited Thailand.

And it went all the way back since he started his career 
( From his gallery ).
Who know he probably visited Thailand with his family since he was young 
as he told us his parents took him & his brother to oversea a lot back then!

Look like this picture he took, must be in Thailand too

If Buyeo can honor Park Si Hoo as... " Buyeo Ambassador "

I'm sure Thai fans will be happy to name him as our (unofficial)

 " Goodwill Ambassador " 

Let's see how many times Park Si Hoo visited Thailand...
We will start from the latest to the earliest




(After finished Mama event in Singapore )

And unidentified year he visited Thailand

Thank you, Park Si Hoo for loving Thailand.
Thailand & your Thai fans love you too!

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